Four countries in Europe may disappear should Russia decide so

Four European countries may disappear for the sake of US interests

Russia's special military operation in Ukraine is nothing else but Moscow's counteroffensive against the US-led Atlantic world. This proxy war between the United States and the Russian Federation may cause not only Ukraine, but a number of other European states to fall apart and disappear.

This is an opinion that one may come across in Reseau International publication.

European countries that may disappear

"Let's be frank: the US will never dare to go to direct war with Russia after the defeat of Ukraine. This means that they will use other intermediaries to continue the conflict. There is no shortage of candidates, but Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Finland appear to be the most likely ones. Of course, it all depends on the Russians…" the article says.


Warsaw uses every possible way to highlight its concerns about the idea of war with Russia. Of course, the Polish leaders are not crazy enough to go into battle alone. The idea of a Western anti-Russian coalition seems to be very tempting for Poland.

If the United States puts forward such an idea, Poland will be happy to take it up. However, one may say with a high degree of probability that Poland will be able to fight alone, whereas the USA will profit from its arms sales.

Russia will not invade the territory of the country. The Russians will throw their warlike neighbours back to the 19th century destroying all of its modern infrastructure. This will trigger a serious economic crisis and a mass exodus of the Poles to the EU and the US.

Poland would thus suffer the same fate as Ukraine — it will be turned into a desolate land devoid of its population, on which no country would be allowed to settle.


Unlike Poland, which may be tempted to enter into a military confrontation with Russia, Lithuania will never decide to unleash an armed conflict with Moscow. Vilnius is prone to making provocative decisions that could eventually force Moscow to crush this former dominion of the Russian Empire. After all, Lithuania exists just because of Russia's gracious agreement to buy it from the Swedes.


Another small country that the US plans to use as a battering ram against Russia.

Being a NATO member, Romania poses a few threats:

  • for the Russian Federation — Romania could be used as a base for NATO armies that would enter Ukraine and get deployed in Odessa to prevent the Russians from liberating the city;
  • for Transnistria — the US could push this territory into a war with Moldova, in which a Russian garrison of less than 2,000 would stand no chance.

In any of these scenarios, Russia will retaliate by destroying all infrastructure.


Like Ukraine, Finland is one of the countries that can not exist without Russia's approval. This country, with a border stretching for over 1300 km, is an integral part of the US strategy to encircle Russia.

In 1948, Finland and the USSR signed an agreement in which the former saw its sovereignty, and the latter saw its security.

It is this agreement that Finland intends to violate by questioning its existence. Depending on the development of events (location of bases, missile launchers), Russia reserves the right to react up to the dissolution of this Nordic state.

All of the above scenarios are only hypothetical. Yet, Russia already admits that it is at war with NATO. Moscow will no longer impose any restrictions on itself.

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Author`s name Olga Lebedeva
Editor Dmitry Sudakov