Manhunt for Putin underway in Russia? Will the West succeed?

Hunting for Putin: The West counts on oligarchs, security officials and mafia

It appears that European leaders are determined in their intent to put Russian President Putin and other top officials of the state on trial. In fact, the West wants to revisit the scenario that they had used in relation to Slobodan Milosevic, 19rusinfo says.

The reality of the dreams to capture the President of Russia, the Minister of Defence, the heads of special services, etc can remain on the conscience of their masterminds. The US and the UK have an extensive experience in conducting coups in other states and arranging political assassinations of foreign leaders.

According to conspiracy theorists and investigators, individuals related to US intelligence agencies killed four of their presidents, let alone foreign and "hostile" leaders.

They eliminated:

  • Chilean President Salvador Allende,
  • Iraqi President Saddam Hussein,
  • Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi.

If Ukraine's ex-president Viktor Yanukovych had not arrived in Russia on time, his fate would have been unenviable. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko could stay afloat solely because he promptly turned to the Russian authorities for help.

The Americans have done a lot to get rid of Fidel Castro. He had survived about a hundred assassination attempts. They had tried to poison him, sedate him, shoot him and kill him in a car accident.

Special services of the Soviet Union had played a great role in saving Castro from death.

As for the situation of today, in an effort to take out Russian President Putin, US intelligence agencies stake on:

  • oligarchy,
  • disgruntled state and security officials,
  • Russian mafia.

However, Russian oligarchs have lost their influence on Putin. Putin has them under surveillance, and the CIA is aware of that. According to the above-mentioned publication, it appears that there is someone who talks the authorities out of such decisions as all-out strikes and a "sea of ​​fire", with the help of which it would be possible to complete the social operation within a shorter period of time.

The "Russian mafia" is a special category of Western dreams. As a matter of fact, it no longer exists. All the surviving criminal authorities have been legalised and made loyal to the state. They will not respond to ideas of "doing away with Putin."

The level of loyalty of security forces and dependence on the well-being of the country is as high as it can be, whereas the level of control over them is even higher (as in any country).

"The only thing the West can do is to find Putin's lookalike, drag him to The Hague, lynch him there and then say "there is no real tsar in the Kremlin!" If there is a real attempt to arrest or liquidate the Russian president, Moscow will respond with a massive nuclear and missile strike," the authors of the article in 19rusinfo conclude.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov