USA opts for Marshall Plan 2.0 to coerce Zelensky to peace talks

USA achieves many of its goals in proxy war with Russia

The United States has achieved many goals in the proxy war with the Russian Federation. Further escalation of the crisis in Ukraine is not beneficial for the Americans, as they may have to backpedal.

United States does not win the war against Russia

At the current stage of the proxy war of the world powers, Russia has managed to cause the economic sanctions to boomerang on the West in the form of energy, food and fuel crises. In military terms, after Afghanistan, the United States switched to a different method of warfare in Ukraine — war by proxy.

In the context of such a war, the suffering of the Ukrainian people becomes conceptually irrelevant to the United States. There is a question of the ability of the Kyiv regime to ensure a military victory for the United States.

The statements that we could hear from Jens Stoltenberg suggest that they think about it at NATO.

Speaking at a press conference in Bucharest at the summit of the alliance, Stoltenberg said that NATO's prime goal at the moment was to ensure Ukraine's victory rather than discuss its NATO membership. Ukraine will not be able to join anything otherwise, the NATO Secretary General said.

"The main focus now is on supporting Ukraine, ensuring that President Putin doesn't win but that Ukraine prevails as a sovereign independent nation in Europe. And that's the main focus of our Alliance and that's also the main focus of our partnership," Stoltenberg said.

The next stage is nuclear war

Western media say that Ukraine has all chances to achieve success in the operation. Some publications already write about its post-war reconstruction, about the trial of "war criminals", reparations, etc. They make it all look as if Russia has already lost the conflict.

However, this cannot be done without unleashing a nuclear catastrophe. Russia will strike a nuclear blow if there is a threat to its territorial integrity. Nuclear escalation may follow if the West stops Russia from retrieving control over Kherson, Zaporozhye regions and the DPR.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that nuclear powers should not fight even in a conventional war. This opinion, of course, was conveyed to first persons in the United States.

The West thus opts to continue the path of arms supplies to Kyiv. However, according to a realistic military assessment, even if Western powers invest billions and billions of dollars in Ukraine, the Ukrainian troops will lose the fight to the Russian Armed Forces simply because of Russia's advantages in terms of defence technology and manpower.

Washington achieves many goals in the war with Russia

Will the US enter into a hot war with Russia if Zelensky's Ukraine is in danger? The answer to this question is negative. The United States will not risk being drawn into a nuclear war. The Americans supposedly push Ukraine towards peace talks on recognizing the status quo (that is, Russia's territorial annexations).

Indeed, Washington has already achieved many goals:

  • Nord Streams 1 and 2 have been destroyed;
  • Germany is no longer Russia's partner;
  • Russia has lost a significant part of its oil and gas revenues and will not soon make up for them in the East, which weakens the Russian economy;
  • The EU is no longer a competitor to the US — it is has become forever addicted to US expensive oil, gas and military equipment. The US has ensured dominance over Europe for many years to come.

Interestingly, the EU has pulled out from all space exploration contracts with the Russian Federation, terminated almost all business ties in industry, whereas the Americans continue their cooperation on the International Space Station project, meteorological data exchange, etc. They do not hurry to impose an embargo on uranium, titanium, and so on and so forth.

This suggests that the United States is well aware of the fact that such a resource-rich nuclear power as the Russian Federation can not disappear from the world map, unlike Ukraine.

Scenario continues: Marshall Plan 2.0

Until Russia annexes more territories, Washington is confident that it is time to stop, take profits from the war and continue to profit from contracts to restore what remains of Ukraine. Marshall Plan 2.0 will take the Western economy out of recession.

A continued escalation in Ukraine is bringing chaos to Europe — millions of refugees, thousands of mercenaries with weapons, an unstable border. EU states such as Hungary oppose initiatives to support Ukraine endlessly, as long as it takes. In the Czech Republic, a rebellion against the authorities has practically matured on this basis.

Sooner or later, the EU will wonder whether the United States is going to put New York and Washington at risk to save Poland and Lithuania. Does the EU want to have such a destabilising factor as Bandera's Ukraine at its doorstep? Do European taxpayers need to get accustomed to cold homes and growing inflation?

Moscow needs to obtain international recognition of new territories

Many in the world hold the United States accountable for the outbreak of the special operation in Ukraine — the Americans disregarded Russia's interests. Washington has lost the loyalty of "autocratic regimes" in China, Turkey, as well as of many "democratic" regimes, such as India and Brazil.

The whole world wants this war to end as soon as possible, because it causes an unprecedented energy and food crises, let alone inflation that affects literally everyone.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov