Ukraine is no longer 'victim of aggression'. Washington wants Realpolitik

For USA, Ukraine no longer 'victim of aggression', and Zelensky becomes a thorn in the side

The United States began to severely suppress Kyiv's attempts to cause the special operation to develop into Russia's direct confrontation with NATO. Neither Warsaw nor London will help Ukraine — Washington has already made a decision.

The Kyiv regime tried to take advantage of the explosion (it remains unknown whether it was an accident or an attack) of the Ukrainian S-300 anti-missile on the territory of Poland in order to officially get NATO involved into a full-fledged war with the Russian Federation.

Immediately after the rocket blast in the Polish village on November 15, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that it was a Russian missile. He hurried to accuse Russia of "spreading hostilities into NATO territory."

He was persistent about it even after the leaders of NATO, the US, the EU and even Poland said that the anti-missile was fired from a Ukrainian air defense system in an attempt to intercept a Russian missile that had been launched as part of a massive strike targeting the Ukrainian energy system on November 15.

"I have no doubt that it was not our missile, not our missile attack. It makes no sense for me not to trust them [the military]. I've been through a war with them," the President of Ukraine said, referring to reports from Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. He did not even bother to "provide evidence" which he did not have.

According to CNN, Zelensky tried to contact US President Joe Biden by phone, but the conversation did not take place.

Biden told reporters that Zelensky's remarks about the Russian missile exploding in Poland could not prove that it was actually a Russian missile.

"That's not the evidence," Biden told reporters.

One may assume that Biden was mad at Zelensky when he said that he trusted his generals more. It just so happened that Zelensky humiliated Biden in public.

Cracks between Washington and Kyiv will grow larger

Western publications note that the conflict was very surprising indeed.

Politico, citing sources in the US administration, reported that over the past two days, Washington has made a number of calls to EU countries (that probably supported Zelensky's views on the rocket blast in Poland) and Kyiv and urged them to refrain from making categorical statements until the investigation in Poland was completed.

Contradicting statements have thus illustrated one of the first serious disagreements between Washington and Kyiv, and such disagreements may grow in number, Politico concluded.

The New York Times called the situation a rare example of public disagreements between Ukraine and its allies.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Ukraine would be granted access to the investigation only if an international agreement was concluded on this matter. In the meantime, Ukrainian specialists will only be allowed to familiarise themselves with investigation data.

Moscow pushes Washington towards Realpolitik

It appears that Washington turned to real politics even before the congressional elections.

The West no longer sees Ukraine as a victim of violence that is always right. Undoubtedly, the IAEA reports the real state of affairs at the ZNPP, and satellite tracking data indicate who is hiding behind civilians. Say what you like, but the liberal axiom about the priority of human rights is not just mere words for the West, especially when it is very hard to make fool of people in the age of the Internet.

The United States is not longer happy with Zelensky as a president who lies, gets rude, does not respect help, and whose ambassadors in the West behave even worse.

Russian diplomats managed to convince Washington that it would be better for everyone to divide Ukraine:

  • Europe will get cheap energy back,
  • the United States will stop thinking about a real nuclear threat,
  • Poland will receive new/old territories,
  • Russia will receive security guarantees, which will not be empty words, but conquered historical territories.

Of course, London will remain dissatisfied. The UK wants to EU to fall apart, but the USA is absolutely not happy with such a perspective. The fragmented and ungovernable Europe is a great chance for Russia to win the hybrid war and break up NATO. It appears that Hungary and turkey would not like pull out from the alliance.

The decision-making center in the United States has received evidence proving that the Russian resource and military potential is much more powerful than was reported. It will be too late to negotiate next autumn, because the Russian Federation will achieve its goals militarily, and Russia will take a lot more than it has already taken.


The outcome of the Russia-USA conflict on the territory of Ukraine is drawing near, and it will be a political one.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov