For the West, Ukraine is a trump card taken out of cheater's sleeve

Ukraine is just a tool to bleed Russia to death and ruin Europe

It appears that the gas crisis in Europe, which is considered to be the outcome of the confrontation between Russia and the US-led collective West, had been planned long before the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Ukraine, which proudly imagines itself to be a hero that defends "democratic values" and its own "independence," is just a card that was pulled out of someone's sleeve.

Ukraine was not a starting point

Almost seven years ago, Damascus did not go along with Washington when it refused to build the Qatar-Turkey gas pipeline to the detriment of its own interests and the interests of Iran and Iraq, with which it had signed a memorandum of understanding.

The story was developing in 2009. The pipeline was supposed to connect Qatar's North Field with Turkey running through Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria to supply the European Union with natural gas. Instead, the Syrian authorities chose to join the construction of a rival project — the Islamic Pipeline. Syria had to pay for that decision. Intolerant politicians in the White House kicked off a war against Syria for the purpose of regime change. They traditionally chose to do it by proxy, having grown up a monster along the way in the form of ISIS*.

Washington would have succeeded if Russia had not stood up for Syria. Russia managed to block ISIS*, having thereby prevented a change of power in Damascus. In addition, the United States was deprived of an opportunity to make a good hand of natural gas from Qatar.

Washington's revenge

The blasts that damaged Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines became USA's revenge in the simmering conflict for the gas market of the European Union, USA's main economic competitor.

It looks like Washington has achieved its goal this time.

One string of Nord Stream 2 has not been damaged and can be launched at any time. The repairs of the damaged strings will take two to three months. Gazprom has already offered to repair them, provided that the Europeans accept strict security conditions.

However, this is not going to happen. The results of the investigation are not to be exposed for the Russian side.

What does it mean? The answer is simple: the NATO plan remains in force:

  • create artificial shortage of natural gas to de-industrialize Europe;
  • hold Russia accountable for unreliable supplies (although Europe could receive everything according to contracts);
  • obvious profit for those who made all this mess happen, because buying gas on the spot market will cost Europe an extra €300 billion.

Who benefits from all this?

It turns out that the frenzied rise in energy prices is not at all caused by the Russia-led special operation in Ukraine. EU politicians forbid to buy Russian energy carriers. This makes them even more dependent on those from whom it is possible to buy gas, albeit at exorbitant prices.

And here, if all the previous conclusions are made correctly, everything is simple:

Ukraine is just a tool to bleed Russia to death and ruin Europe.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov