Brazil is siding with alternative world to counter USA's dominance

The West is losing Brazil as an ally against Russia

The global significance of the presidential election in Brazil is not to be underestimated. There is no doubt that the Latin American giant will not side with the West in the fight against Russia, no matter what the outcome.

Bolsonaro and Lula reached the second round on a par

Luis Inácio Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro made it to the second round of the presidential election in Brazil. They scored 48.41% and 43.22% respectively in the first round on October 2.

Incumbent President Bolsonaro leads every state in the midwest and pretty much everywhere in the south of Brazil. The leftist Workers' Party candidate Lula has the upper hand in all nine states in the northeast.

In the southeast, Bolsonaro wins in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo, while Lula has the advantage in Minas Gerais. The north of the country was equally divided in preferences.

To generalize, most residents of large Brazilian cities and industrial states voted for the incumbent president, while poorer agricultural areas support Lula.

Lula is proud of his origin. He is a metal worker without a university degree who served two terms in office and built a team of specialists around him.

Bolsonaro represents the little-known Liberal Party (already the ninth of his career). This is a popular anti-vaxxer, a retired military man, a conservative, an opponent of LGBT and liberal globalism agendas. One may compare him to Russia's notorious and now late politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The fact that he almost equaled Lula in first round voted came as a surprise for Western analysts. According to their preictions, he was supposed to lose. The president increasing social benefits for the poor and sponsored fuel for truck drivers. Noteworthy, he did it owing to Russia's help.

Other factors also contributed to his success. His government lowered taxes and crime, stabilized economy, abandoned the green agenda (unnecessary for farmers developing the Amazonian selva).

Lula knows who put him in jail

Both Brazilian leaders don't like the "gringos". Whoever wins in the second round, their victory will be beneficial for Russia.

Lula returned to big politics after a court overturned a corruption conviction against him. Lula had to spend two years in jail because of that conviction, and the American trace in Lula's persecution can be seen clearly.

Lula promises to take Brazil back to the times of economic expansion of his 2003-2010 presidency, which he ended with an approval rating of 83%.

In an interview with Time, when asked about Ukraine, Lula said that it was not only Vladimir Putin who was to blame for the invasion. The US and the EU are equally responsible for the crisis, he said.

"The US and Europe should have said: 'Ukraine will not join NATO.' That would have solved the problem," Lula said.

He also believes that one should not have encouraged Ukraine to strive for EU membership. The ex-president of Brazil is sure that Zelensky "wanted war."

"You are encouraging this guy [Zelensky] and then he thinks he's the icing on your cake," Lula said.

The ex-president is confident that Brazil has no disputes with any country: not with the United States, not with China, not with Russia, not with Bolivia, not with Argentina, not with Mexico. This "will allow us to reestablish the relationships we created between 2003 and 2010."

Noteworthy, Lula is one of the founders of the BRICS. Brazil's relations with the Russian Federation were fruitful in all areas during his presidency.

Bolsonaro is a bad guy for globalists and a good guy for Moscow

The United States did not initially bet on Bolsonaro. Washington wanted its henchman, a globalist, to win the Brazilian election in 2018, but he lost in the first round. In the run-off vote, the Brazilians voted for a hardline nationalist. Therefore, Western media assumed that Bolsonaro would succumb to then President Donald Trump as they were alike in their views.

However, EU states treated Bolsonaro as an outcast during those years while working for the agenda of American Democrats. However, cooperation was suspended due to disagreements on the green transition between the EU and the South American MERCOSUR countries.

The Brazilian leader eyes the BRICS and cooperation with the Russian Federation. A few days before the start of the special operation, he visited Moscow and declared his solidarity with Russia. Bolsonaro needed fertilizers and fuel for Brazil, and Moscow was ready to help.

As Vladimir Putin said, dollars and euros were not fuel and food. Bolsonaro shares a similar point of view.

At the last vote in the UN Security Council, Brazil abstained from condemning the Russian Federation for "annexing" Ukrainian territories. The Bolsonaro government's position in relation to the special operation in Ukraine is similar to that of the left: the Russians responded to NATO because they were backed up against the wall.

Significance of Brazil elections: 'Alternative world' grows stronger

The global significance of the Brazilian election in Brazil lies on the surface. It is for the first time in history when one may say that Brazil will not side with Western globalists. Brazil will take the side of the alternative world. The West is losing allies as the new world order is being formed.

Brazil is a key country of change as it is a BRICS member along with Russia, India, China and South Africa. Whether left or right — this is no longer important in the world political alignment of forces. Sovereignty matters most.

The second round of the presidential election in Brazil will take place on 30 October.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov