Moscow's decisions sow panic in Ukraine and the West

Russia's surprise decisions cause panic in Ukraine and the West

The Kremlin has taken two strong steps in a war of nerves that has caused quite a stir in the NATO-Ukraine alliance. These decisions are:

  • to hold referenda on the liberated territories of Ukraine to make them part of Russia
  • to conduct partial call-up.

Ukraine's economy is collapsing

The Kyiv regime does not resort to any measures, not even to fake news to return the hryvnia to the level of up to 40-41 per dollar. The Ukrainians withdraw their funds from bank deposits and rush to stock up food supplies before it is too late.

"The NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) is on the brink of panic. They called the president's office and warned that they wouldn't be able to keep the exchange rate afloat for a long time as this costs them too much," Resident Telegram channel said.

Zelensky's office is at a loss as well: the budget needs the currency, but it must be paid from deposits, otherwise the banking system will collapse. The further decline of the Ukrainian currency, the hryvnia, will only boost hyperinflation. This, in turn, will further increase the demand for the currency.

Ukrainian business is panicking as well. Enterprises, investors, even in the west of the country, started withdrawing assets abroad. The shares of Ukrainian companies have been downgraded to the level of "garbage".

The growth of tariffs and protest moods is another crisis. The referenda in Donetks, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhia) regions have stated on September 23. People vote for their regions to join the Russian Federation in a hope for the long-awaited peaceful life.

Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russia would not use tactical nuclear weapons, as Vladimir Putin had warned. It is very reminiscent of the eve of the start of the special operation, when the President of Ukraine assured that "Russia will not attack." As Zelensky later explained, he did not want to cause panic among the population. Now there is a similar situation.

The recent exchange of prisoners was also intended to boost the morale. This victory has quickly faded away, though. The Ukrainian "heroes" looked rested when they returned from Russian captivity, which could not be said about the rest of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"I wonder how the Azov* commanders feel in Turkey as their subordinates continue to rot in captivity? This is the most vivid demonstration of what is happening in our department. Those rats that voluntarily surrendered were supposed to sit in pits until they would be exchanged for their last soldier,” a "hero” of the 35th brigade wrote.

The morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has fallen sharply, and this is not the last factor in the bogged down offensive on Krasny Lyman. Ukraine's losses in this direction have already exceeded the losses for the entire time of the Balakley-Izium offensive.

Ukraine already considers calling up more people, even women, to gain advantage in manpower. This sows panic in the population as well provided that the conscription of local residents on the liberated territories to the Russian Armed Forces is prohibited.

Kyiv's masters are panicking as well.

Kyiv and its masters need to decide what they can do next after the liberated territories launch the process of joining Russia. If they continue striking them, they will have a large-scale real hot war with Russia served to them on a platter. They may also decide to step back and consider lifting sanctions instead.

In late autumn, when this issue gets serious, Europe will find itself as vulnerable as possible due to the energy and gas crisis, as well as political, social crises, and the upcoming food crisis of 2023.

"Everyone must put maximum pressure on Putin to stop the war," said Emmanuel Macron.

This is a panicky statement, given that Putin refused to talk to him over the phone.

There is no unity inside the European Union. Large energy-dependent, small and medium-sized businesses suffer losses and close down there. The economy has gone into recession, the euro is falling to the bottom. In Europe, they begin to realize that the United States has abandoned and destroyed Europeans to maintain dollar dominance.

The Democratic administration in Washington is incompetent and could lose its majority in both houses of Congress in a couple of months. Only God knows what will happen next.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov