Russia will not let Ukraine become another Yugoslavia

The West will not let Russia do away with Ukraine crisis quickly

The crisis in Ukraine is becoming more and more serious. How does the West assess the Russian special operation? What do MI-6 and the CIA count on? Why did Vladimir Putin demand NATO should return to borders before 1997? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova asked these questions to Director of the Center for Global Policy Development, Sergey Gorodnikov.

Germany demonizes Russia to get rid of WWII demons

"How do you assess the situation in Ukraine from the standpoint of global politics?"

"At the last G7 meeting, the West approved aid packages to Ukraine worth $24 billion for the current and upcoming years. They include a whole package of military aid that no one has ever seen. The Americans supply tanks, heavy artillery, rocket artillery, and anti-aircraft missiles to Poland. Ukraine has not received those weapons before.

"The war takes on total character, similarly to how it was in Milosevic's Yugoslavia. In this case it is the West vs. Russia. It is amazing that Germany has been promoting the image of Russia as the center of evil. Germany apparently wants to get rid of its WWII demons.

"We have been dragged into the war that the West will not let us leave. MI6 and the CIA hope that the internal situation in Russia will begin to deteriorate sharply by autumn. They currently make every effort to instigate a conspiracy against Putin.

"Therefore, they make us experience a war of attrition. Arestovich said they would fight as long as it takes, even for ten years. They realise that Ukraine may disappear, and a number of other states may appear in its place, as was the case with Yugoslavia.

"Yet, Russia does not want Ukraine to turn into another Yugoslavia — Russia needs to have control over this space. We must not let the West seize any part of today's Ukraine, not even Galicia. Putin put forward a clear ultimatum: NATO should go back to its borders before 1997. In other words, Russia needs to have not only Ukraine under its control, but also Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary.

"Russia wants NATO to go back to its 1997 borders, when the alliance incorporated Germany. Otherwise, we will not survive World War Three that is now brewing. The West is very tempted to strike a nuclear blow on Russia that we would not be able to respond to. If they bring their missiles closer to our borders from all sides, then we will not have enough air defense to stop them. They will destroy us.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov