Olaf Scholz's wry grin says it all about security guarantees for Ukraine

Guarantees for Ukraine? Olaf Scholz's wry grin says it all about them

Olaf Scholz could not clarify what guarantees the G7 countries could to post-war Ukraine. The German chancellor is not arrogant at all — there are no such guarantees.

Scholz refuses to talk about security guarantees for Ukraine

At the final press conference of the G7 summit, a journalist from the Polish edition of DW asked Chancellor Olaf Scholz if he could expand on what security guarantees were promised to Ukraine.

"Yes, I could," the chancellor replied, then grinned and said nothing else.

According to berliner-zeitung.de, his behavior caused outrage among journalists and social media users. Many called his behaviour "disrespectful" and "arrogant".

"You should be ashamed of your chancellor: a foreign journalist politely asks @Bundeskanzler a question. He reacts with derision, arrogance. It was not smart. It was stupid and incompetent,” political communications expert Hasso Mansfeld reproached Scholz on social media.

Indeed, the G7 summit ended with a declaration, in which Western leaders promised Ukraine far-reaching security guarantees for the post-war period.

According to the document, the G7 countries commit themselves to "reach agreements on sustainable security commitments, together with interested countries, institutions and Ukraine, to help Ukraine defend itself, secure its free and democratic future, and repel future Russian aggression."

Why not elaborate on these abstract words? However, Scholz preferred not to. Photos from the G7 pictured everyone being cheerful, friendly, joking about Putin. In fact, however, Scholz's answer and his smirk speak of the opposite.

Germany was divided, let Ukraine be divided now

What guarantees can be given if there is no confidence in the preservation of the statehood of Ukraine? They say that "Putin must not win." Russia may not take all of Ukraine under control. Zelensky may eventually move to Lviv or elsewhere. What guarantees can be given then? Ukraine without access to the sea is no longer interesting.

What is the problem in the divided Ukraine? Germany used to be divided, let Ukraine be divided now too, before another Gorbachev comes to power some time in the future to unite Ukraine again.

The Germans are not sure whether they need to continue arms supplies to Ukraine, because Putin may escalate the crisis and strike a nuclear blow on Ukraine. In addition, the German people may not like the idea of living in cold homes in winter. Unemployment may grow, which is fraught with a political crisis.

As for the United States, the Americans will not forgive Joseph Biden for rising fuel prices. In November, the Republicans will get a majority in both houses of Congress.

The United States has been losing its status of the world's leading superpower, and Europe can see that. The Republicans have been successful lately: suffice it to recall new gun and abortion laws.

Biden's flight from the summit also suggests that the vaunted Western democracy does not function in the face of military operations.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov