Marine Le Pen will not let Macron use France for war with Russia

France to drop out of united anti-Russian Western front

After the parliamentary elections, France will drop out of the united Western front that advocates Russia's defeat in the special operation in Ukraine.

Macron promises war economy to France

On June 13, Emmanuel Macron said that the EU and France had entered into a "war economy." Against such a background, France was going to take exceptional measures in this regard, such as, for example, requisition of material supplies.

"We will be making investment decisions and we will have appropriate requirements” for Ukraine to "get high-quality weapons” and win, Macron said.

This statement clearly prepares France for war with Russia.

However, it will be difficult for Macron to pass the corresponding military budget through parliament.

French parliament to control Emmanuel Macron

The stable parliamentary majority, which supported all presidential ideas until now, is a thing of the past.

In the June 19 elections:

  • President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance party won 246 seats;
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon's New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) got 142 seats;
  • Marine Le Pen's National Rally (PH) — 89 seats;
  • The Republicans (LR) — 64 seats.

Such a state of affairs suggests that the president will have to transfer some of the powers from the Elysee Palace to the parliament, where the left and the right will have enough opportunities to keep Macron under control.

It will be an easy nut to crack because despite their apparent ideological differences, Mélenchon's socialists and Le Pen's nationalists have similar political agendas. Both parties are EU skeptics and supporters of dialogue with Russia.

Marine le Pen is confident she will be next president of France

The overwhelming success of Le Pen's party (from 9 to 89 mandates) made her say, not without reason, that she would come to power after the end of Macron's term.

"We have achieved the three goals that we set for ourselves: make Emmanuel Macron a minority president, continue the necessary political restructuring and form a strong opposition group,” she said.

Le Pen warned of catastrophic consequences that the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions was going to bring for the purchasing capacity of the French people and accused the government of lies about the economic situation in France.

'French Chavez' will care about social equality rather than war

As for Melenchon, who is referred to as the "French Chavez", he said that France would be polarized into three camps: Macron's liberals, the far right and Melenchon's people's party. Supporting the "integrity of Ukraine", Melenchon opposes arms supplies to Kyiv. He also says that the French budget should target social projects, rather than war. Among other things, he promised to lower the retirement age to 60 years.

Macron said before the second election round that he saw his opponents — Mélenchon and Le Pen — as a project of disorder and subjugation of Russia.

"They say that we have to pull out from our alliances, from Europe, and build strategic alliances with Russia," Macron said.

In a nutshell, both Mélenchon and Le Pen understand that one should not interfere in the showdown between Moscow and Kyiv, as this is out of the sphere of France's interests. Moreover, it is detrimental to France, both in economic and political terms.

Cognitive dissonance in Europe

European neo-liberals celebrate the "victory of democracy" in France. At the same time, they acknowledge that France needs to follow a different vector of action.

"The Russian aggression against Ukraine requires the opposite: a consistent and credible commitment capable of controlling both economic uncertainty and the steps that the EU will have to take in search of a peaceful solution,” El Pais wrote.

La Repubblica, an Italian publication, wrote in turn that "instability" in France would be synonymous with "unsteadiness and weakness" for the European Union.

Le Soir of Belgium predicts "unruly France".

Well, the more problems Europe has on its shoulders, the better for Russia.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov