Biden leads USA to destruction: There will be no powerful US in the new world order

Biden's USA gets accustomed to violence before falling into chaos of civil war

The United States will soon have to pass through an ordeal that the country may not be able to cope with.

The first problem is the persona of President Joseph Biden. There are serious doubts about his ability to govern the country, let alone his mental abilities. Chances for Biden to be removed from power are high.

De facto, this may happen as a result of the Republicans' victory in the coming midterm elections in November. After that, they will get a majority in the House of Representatives and a few more seats in the Senate. Two years later, Donald Trump will celebrate his triumphant comeback to the White House.

Problem No. 2: The economic situation has been deteriorating.

Biden called inflation "the bane of existence." The definition says that the president does not see the real causes for it.

Meanwhile, the inflation in the Unites States has been gathering pace as a result of the thoughtless printing of money, which made it possible to refinance debts. Absurd economic sanctions against Russia could only add more fuel to the fire.

Rising poverty (especially among the African American population) and rising prices on energy and food were not long in coming. The inability of the government to provide formula milk to millions of American children speaks volumes.

Problem No. 3: Violence has been on the march in the United States from coast to coast. Aside from regular incidents of mass shootings, the Americans now establish armed militia formations.

For example, Patriots for America patrol the US-Mexico border in Texas. Liberal experts, such as philosophy professor Jason Stanley (Yale University), called these groups "a legal phase of fascism." In contrast, Trumpist patriots call them "faith-based ministry."

If election is stolen from Donald Trump again, such groups may confront the police and the army who now subordinate to the Democrats. The US — a country accustomed to violence — will thus fall into the chaos of a civil war.

The fourth problem: the United States has been trying to escalate the international situation. USA's foreign policy in Ukraine has proved to be a failure. Instead of seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis, Washington only wants to support the American defence industry.

USA's relations with China and Saudi Arabia have been escalating too. The Americans have severe problems even with other American nations. Biden convened the Summit of the Americas, but did not invite three Latin American nations for the event, namely Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

This suggests that Washington has a simplistic understanding of the region that the US still intends to control, as it did for most of the 20th century. Washington will inevitably fail, because its strategists have no idea about the changes that have taken place in Latin America, including in connection with the USA's confrontation with Russia and China.

Many governments in the region already perceive the northern neighbour as a country before the very end of its power. They understand that its decline is irreversible in the emerging new world order.

Washington does not even see (or does not want to see) that it is not American, but Chinese businesses that have been winning leading partnerships with the countries in South and Central America. Who will bite the hand of the giver?

USA's idea to unite the world in a proxy war against Russia is doomed to failure. Even Senegal demanded sanctions against the Russian Federation should be lifted.

As soon as Russia ends the special operation in Ukraine, a completely different global consensus will be formed, in which the United States will be playing a role of an ordinary member.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov