Russia's superiority in Ukraine is solid and no Western weapon will break it

No Western weapon will break Russia's superiority in Ukraine

The project of making Ukraine become "anti-Russia" is doomed to failure. The morale of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the pro-Bandera population is broken. They know they could die at any moment.

Air raid sirens sound throughout Ukraine every night. People on the ground watch Russian rockets fly above their heads. They can only guess who is going to die because of those rockets this time and then another.

The morale of the army and the population ensures a sense of security during hostilities. This morale is low all over the country. This is not because "our commanders have abandoned us" or "they use us as cannon fodder." This is because Ukrainian Nazis know that they can die in a rocket attack at any moment.

"The most terrible thing in this war for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the feeling of total defenselessness throughout the country. Wherever you are located, you are still subconsciously waiting for a rocket to strike you, that's the thing,” Ukrainian Telegram channel Iniй wrote.

Ukrainian forces hopelessly lag behind the Russian army, and there is nothing Ukraine can do to compensate that, the author laments:

"We don't have 1,000 cruise missiles a month that we can launch at targets in the deep rear of Russia, and our military aircraft are decorative in nature."

Another Ukrainian channel "Our Kharkiv", with more than 100,000 subscribers, posts messages about rocket attacks every day. If one scrolls down through those messages, one inevitably develops the feeling of depression and hopelessness.

During eight years of the war with Nazis, the population of the Donbass was exhausted while living under the condition of constant expectation of death. That was one of the reasons that prompted Russia to begin the military operation in Ukraine. The morale in the armies of the people's republics was very low for the same reason.

On Wednesday, Russia launched Kalibr (Caliber) missiles to strike the Beskydy railway tunnel that runs through the Carpathians in the Lviv region. The tunnel was partially destroyed. Not a single missile was intercepted.

"Our air defenses could not handle the Kalibr missiles that actually flew over our entire country, but were not intercepted," Legitimny Telegram channel wrote.

Ukraine is left to hope for Western MLRS that will supposedly keep the Russian troops on their toes in Ukraine.

"Our turning point in the war will come when Ukraine has a critical amount of weapons of required calibers," Resident Telegram channel wrote.

The Ukrainians already post maps of the territories that US-made HIMARS systems will be able to reach along the front line: they cover Donetsk and Kherson completely.

The Kherson will vote to join the Russian Federation just because Russia will give Kherson residents a sense of protection and security. Ukraine, in its current form, will never give this feeling to anyone, because an insignificant amount of American missile technology will not be able to break Russia's air superiority.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov