NATO's new doctrine makes the alliance the new Third Reich

NATO's new global doctrine reminds reincarnation of Third Reich

The administration of the North Atlantic Alliance announced a new NATO doctrine. The new doctrine is to be published in June-July of this year. The previous 11-page document of the military bloc was published in 2010.

From 1949 to 1991, NATO has developed four concepts:

  • The first one (1949-50) was aimed at the "containment" of the USSR;
  • The second became necessary because of the Korean War;
  • The third one was associated with the Vietnam War;
  • The intermediate one, known as the "Report of the Three Wise Men" (meaning the foreign ministers of Canada, Italy and Norway), came as NATO's reaction to the Suez crisis;
  • The fourth one — from 1968 — promulgated the "flexible response" doctrine.

From 1991 to 2010, NATO has adopted three concepts.

The content of the new manifesto was communicated to the general public through the work of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. On November 25, 2020, long before the Ukrainian crisis, Stoltenberg highlighted the main theses of the concept and said that:

  • "Russia and China are two centres of universal evil"
  • "NATO is an alliance between North America and Europe"

In other words, the North Atlantic Alliance has been turning from a conditionally defensive community into a militaristic empire. NATO has been evolving into a supranational system-forming structure that has only one purpose — to confront Russia and China.

The Anaconda Ring

In order to understand the essence of the process, one needs to understand how NATO sees this notorious "confrontation". Perhaps the best definition of this phenomenon was made by analyst Vladimir Pavlenko. In his article What new NATO strategy Jens Stoltenberg unveils he wrote:

"The strategy of the Western nations is to unite and maximize all of its bridgeheads on the Eurasian periphery — from Europe to Turkey, Israel and the Middle East and further to India, South Korea and Japan in transit through ASEAN."

Pavlenko uses the "anaconda ring" term. Indeed, this image suits the pseudo-European bloc that wants to turn into a global structure — a military dictatorship ruling over the US and the European Union.

Both the United States of America with its cruel past and the European Union are driven by the same ideology of colonialism and violence against the planet. Suffice it to recall that the idea of ​​the united Europe was elaborated in 1943 by SS Obersturmführer Alexander Doletzalek, the chief of Group D of the SS Main Directorate of the Third Reich.

It was then when the concepts of joint European currency and European citizenship were defined. Why be surprised at the ideological unity of the Ukrainian Nazis and the European Union? The epistemological roots are clearly evident at this point. The United States has not abolished slavery to this date — it still remains as a legal status of prisoners in the US. In addition, the United States that had exterminated about 20 million Indians is the only developed state in the world that officially legalizes torture and the right to kill foreign leaders.

Ideas of the Third Reich

Jens Stoltenberg exposed the content of the new NATO 2022 doctrine in his interview for The Financial Times on October 19, 2021. In a conversation with an American journalist, he once again emphasized that it was China and Russia that posed one big threat to the world. He also revealed to the world that, from the point of view of the NATO leadership, all the differences between China, Russia, the Asia-Pacific region and Europe were conditional.

"This whole idea of distinguishing so much between China, Russia, either the Asia-Pacific or Europe — it is one big security environment and we have to address it all together. What we do on readiness, on technology, on cyber, on resilience matters for all these threats. You don't put a label,” he told the FT.

Stoltenberg's rhetoric echoes Nazi eloquence of 80 years ago, does it not? After all, it was Hitler who came up with the "complex solution to the problem": in his dictionary it is designated as "the final solution." Back in those years, the solution was about the destruction of the Soviet Union and the extermination of the Jews. For those with amnesia, let us recall how it sounded in 1941, a few weeks before the attack on the USSR:

"Moscow treacherously violated the conditions that constituted the subject of our friendship pact. In doing all this, the rulers of the Kremlin were simulating the position of peace and friendship to the last minute…; Now approximately 160 Russian divisions are on our border; A military build-up of troops is being carried out, which in its scale and territorial scope is the largest that the world has ever seen; The task of this front [Germany, Finland, Romania] is not just to defend individual countries, but to ensure the security of Europe and, consequently, defend all the countries of the European continent."

It just so happens that Stoltenberg, an Aryan, has "abridged" the old Nazi rhetoric, which, according to his own revelation, makes the basis of the program document of the aggressive alliance that imagines itself to be a planetary military bloc.

The logic of the new concept is already contained in the previous NATO strategy adopted in Lisbon in November 2010. Articles 33 and 34 proclaim the following areas of activity of the alliance:

  • collective defense,
  • crisis management,
  • security.

All this sounds nice, of course, but NATO interprets the above in a very peculiar way. Collective defense refers to Paragraph 5 of the Washington Treaty from 1949 on the joint participation in hostilities of all states in the event of an attack on one of the members.

Today, Poland deploys two "peacekeeping" battalions to the Kharkiv region, while Volodymyr Zelensky wants to "merge" Ukraine with Poland and ensure a special joint regime status for Polish citizens. The status of Poland's law enforcement agencies, its army, and the legal status of citizenship would be identical with that of Ukraine. In a nutshell, Zelensky goes for the Anschluss, and the territory of Ukraine de facto remains under the umbrella of the fifth paragraph.

Indeed, as soon as Russian troops start working to push the Polish forces out, Brussels will immediately pass it for an act of aggression against NATO territory. The Russian army will have to destroy Polish military airfields, ammunition depots and logistics routes. All these facilities are situated on the other side of the Polish-Ukrainian border, which will give NATO an opportunity to officially declare war on Russia.

Another provision of the 2010 Concept on crisis management is no less original:

"NATO will actively employ an appropriate mix of those political and military tools to help manage developing crises that have the potential to affect Alliance security, before they escalate into conflicts; to stop ongoing conflicts where they affect Alliance security; and to help consolidate stability in post-conflict situations where that contributes to Euro-Atlantic security."

As along as the bloc sees Russia as a dangerous state (see above), it has the right to use the entire range of tools to eliminate this threat — Russia as such that is.

Finally, the concept of "security" is interpreted as the need to keep "the door to membership in the Alliance open to all European democracies that meet NATO's standards."

This suggests that it is up to NATO to decide which state meets the standards and which does not. In fact, NATO justifies its further expansion to the East.

In conclusion, we can say that the Third Reich has reincarnated before our very eyes. The Jews have been replaced with the Russians and the Belarusians, whom this new reich recognizes as outcasts. They can be persecuted, their property can be destroyed, their money can be taken away from them, they can be deprived of the right to open accounts and seek jobs, they can be humiliated and insulted in all possible forms.

The new NATO strategy is designed to consolidate the status quo as the only way for inclusive capitalism to survive is to conquer Russia and its allies on the continent.

The confrontation has become global. Russia must be prepared for a long and difficult struggle — there is no other way.

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Author`s name Alexander Artamonov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov