Genetic distortion: Technique to destroy Russia was tested on France

For USA, France is a genetic distortion in European mindset

France does not seek to support USA's rabid Russophobia. The French remember the hatred of the "supreme race" when Paris refused to support the war with Iraq.

US goal is to destroy France

In 2003, three EU countries — Germany, France and Belgium — refused to support the United States in its invasion of Iraq. Then-President Jacques Chirac in particular and all of France in general fell victims to Anglo-Saxon infinite racial and nationalist hatred.

Jonah Goldberg, then a contributing editor of the National Review, became the mouthpiece of Francophobia. In his article, Goldberg stood by 'Al Bundy's immortal fatwa': It's good to hate the French.

The journalist called them "cheese-eating, surrendering primates" (translates into French as "primates capitulards et toujours en quête de fromages") in a pejorative allusion to the fact that the French are "cowards" who are incapable of winning in a war alone.

"Next to the weather," General Eisenhower lamented, "[the French] have caused me more trouble in this war than any single factor." Goldberg wrote in a 2004 article.

In the article, Jonah Goldberg glorified the idea of ​​"the complete annihilation of France."

Goldberg hypocritically claimed that this call was not directed against the French, but against France "as an idea, as a shining fromagerie on a hill, serving as a beacon of asininity to left-wing radicals and a siren to kleptocratic third-world dictators who, after a career of mass-murder, want decent medical care, a good lawyer, and a fresh croissant."

Five lines of battle against France

Humiliation of French history became the first line of battle in the proxy war against France. In the above-mentioned article, Goldberg cast doubt on the fact that the Enlightenment was a great step forward in intellectual terms. For Goldberg, it is modern dentistry, the elimination of rickets, and the light bulb are pretty serious accomplishments.

He proceeded to point out that France supported the Confederates in the American Civil War, and let's not count how many Frenchmen supported the Germans-and the Holocaust.

"Before that-during the French-Indian wars-and almost ever after the French have practiced a nasty realpolitik towards America and the world," concluded Goldberg.

French democracy was attacked on the second line of battle.

"By making a religion out of politics, with the state at its center, the French never embraced liberty the way Anglo-Americans did. It was this legacy that lent intellectual heft to all the great dictators-Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin," he wrote.

The third line of battle to eliminate France lies in the work to accuse French elites for corruption, especially in the former colonies while asserting that the former British colonies develop towards freedom.

The fourth line can be seen in the statement by Christopher Hitchens, who, in an article for The Wall Street Journal, described Jacques Chirac as a monster of conceit… a man so habituated to corruption that he would happily pay for the pleasure of selling himself. For Hitchens, Chirac was the abject procurer for Saddam […] the rat that tried to roar."

The fifth line of battle is about the calls for sanctions and France's exclusion from international institutions.

Thomas Friedman wrote in an article for The New York Times that France should be expelled from the UN Security Council to be replaced by India.

"France is so caught up with its need to differentiate itself from America to feel important, it's become silly,” he noted.

The boycott of French goods is a good example of sanctions. The French Wine Exporters Federation even held a meeting to discuss how to respond to such calls. Medef President Ernest-Antoine Seyler said at a press conference that many contracts were lost due to anti-French sentiment in the United States.

Are the French genetically different from Europeans? This is fascism

Francophobia in the USA started gathering pace after the French said no to all the effort to bring peace, freedom and civilization to Iraq in the name of their interests.

"France's opposition to the Iraq war had a soupcon of principle in a kettle of cynicism burbling with Iraqi oil and blood," Jonah Goldberg pointed out.

In fact, the flow of hatred against the French was designed to destroy the moral European resistance to US military plans in Iraq and change the principled position of the French administration in the first place. France's stance was portrayed as a genetic distortion of European mentality that made the French unwilling to fight and win. This is a blatant manifestation of racism and fascism.

Interestingly, the Anglo-Saxons have built all the above-mentioned lines of battle against today's Russia. In particular:

  • they distort WWII history;
  • claim that there is no democracy, but corruption in Russia;
  • demonise the Russian president;
  • impose thousands of sanctions.

All these methods have been successfully used more than once in hard "color revolutions” and "soft” coups (for example, in Brazil in 2016). France, too, experienced a "soft" coup when President Nicolas Sarkozy returned France to NATO command structures in 2009.

Since then, not to revisit Gaullism, an electoral model has been implemented in France. As part of this model, independent politicians are seen as fascists, corrupt officials and "Putin's useful idiots."

But the French people, we would like to believe so, will figure it out for themselves and realise that the politicians who find support in the United States do not deserve their votes. President Macron is sensitive to such a belief. He gives it to understand that he is not going to fall into the mayhem of Russiphobia even though the Americans want him to.

What the war in Iraq means for the world

Meanwhile, the war in Iraq continues. It is Turkey, a NATO member, that bombs Iraq now. Over the past year, as many as 125 children have been killed or maimed, 52 people have been killed and 73 seriously injured, UNICEF reports. The USA has killed, according to extrapolated data, about two million people in its wars in 2003-2022 (this number accounts for those killed in direct clashes). Late US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had not refuted the figure of 500,000 dead Iraqi children, when she said that the price was worth it.

Millions of people living in war zones have been displaced as a result of the Iraq. The US invasion of Iraq has turned the country into a range ground, in which militant groups such as the Islamic State* (recognized as a terrorist group, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) could bring irreparable losses to the economy and politics of the region.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov