Biden brings back the worst in USA's history - McCarthyism and apartheid

Biden's merits to Americans and the world: McCarthyism, apartheid, mafia clans

Joseph Biden has rekindled the worst in USA's American history:

  •     McCarthyism,
  •     apartheid,
  •     the clan and mafia nature of power.

Russia is unwilling to become a subordinate link in the US-led world, and this may explain the brutal conflict in Ukraine. 

If you are against Biden, it means you support Putin

USA's McCarthyism in the 1940s and 1950s was based on the initiative to save democracy from the threat of international communism. Communists would be subjected to criminal persecution and no one would even bother to try to establish whether they were guilty or not. 

Today, Neomaccartists persecute realists in the United States, mostly Republicans, who try to establish the causes of the current economic crisis in the United States, even though they are supposed to "save democracy" from the onset of Putinism instead.

For example, Senator Rick Scott (a Republican from Florida) said that new consumer price index numbers were a big wake-up call for Joe Biden. In return, White House adviser Jesse Lee called the senator a "Putin sympathiser" on Twitter.

"Putin and Senator Rick Scott fully in lockstep in blaming Biden for Putin's price hike. So surprising," Lee tweeted.

The word 'surprising,' is the key word here. Inflation started rising in the United States long before Russia started the special operation in Ukraine. The Federal Reserve acknowledged that by saying that the money printing policy became the root cause of the record-high inflation.

Those who dare to claim that it was NATO's eastward expansion to Russia's borders that pushed  Moscow to "aggression" get victimised as well.

They call such people

  •     "Putin apologists."
  •     "puppets,"
  •     "Russian trolls,"
  •     "simpletons"
  •     and "useful idiots."

They do not go on trial for their ideas, but it is not ruled out that McCarthyism will soon abolish such a provision.

Ukraine has long used sanctions against its own citizens for their "cooperation with Russia" without even trying to support those sanctions with evidence.

The resurgence of McCarthyism implies the revival of a dangerous policy that could take the Americans to direct military confrontation with Russia – a nuclear power that could destroy the United States in one nuclear triad attack. 

Apartheid (a policy of racial discrimination and segregation of the country's indigenous population) became another phenomenon that started gathering pace with Biden's arrival as POTUS.

BLM translates in the US as Burn, Loot, Murder. This slogan targets the whites, who oppress African Americans.

This policy finds all types of support at the state level. The police are advised to search and arrest African Americans in extreme cases only to avoid accusations of racism. This leads to a higher crime rate among the population and increases the number of victims among law-enforcement officers.

Apartheid against white people will sooner or later trigger a civil war in the United States.

America ruled by Obama-Biden mafia clan

Biden has consolidated mafia clans in power, which takes the Americans back to the days of the Great Depression.

Not only did these structures rig the last presidential election, but they enrich their leaders. Ukraine is not the only source of enrichment at this point. 

The University of Pennsylvania (one of the world's top 20 universities) has recently established the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. It was also said that the centre started receiving large remittances from anonymous Chinese businessmen - Hunter Biden's partners. Moreover, Joe Biden would write letters of recommendation for admission to US universities for children of those entrepreneurs who had given generous donations to Hunter Biden.

Interestingly, current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken served as the managing director of the Penn Biden Centre in 2016.

This publication confirms a US Senate report that details the vast financial network that the Bidens created during Obama's presidency. It goes about hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal transactions. The Biden family will sooner or later be prosecuted for extortion, bribery, kickbacks, money laundering, etc. 

The United States traditionally condemns criminal phenomena such as McCarthyism, apartheid, mafia and clan-based nature of power. However, all these phenomena have returned, and liberal mass media make every effort to guise them.

Sadly, this American contagion has spread to Europe.

This explains the fierce struggle between the "new world order" and Russia, which does not want to enter the immoral world of the golden billion.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov