Authoritarian Biden gathers his vassals for Summit for Democracy

What makes you cool, American bro?

The US Department of State has unveiled the list of 110 countries, delegations and territories invited to participate in the "Summit for Democracy" which would be hosted by US President Joe Biden. The list was published on the official website of the department.

The announced purpose of the event is to halt a retreat from democracy and prevent the "erosion" of rights and freedoms around the world. Russia and China are missing from the list of invitees to the virtual event that is slated to take place on December 9 and 10.

Egypt and Turkey (a NATO member) — allies of the United States — do not appear on the list either. The Middle East will be represented by only two countries — Israel and Iraq.

All EU member states except Hungary were invited as well. As for the countries of the former USSR, the list includes:

  • Ukraine,
  • Armenia,
  • Georgia,
  • Moldova,
  • Lithuania,
  • Latvia
  • and Estonia.

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan are not among the participants.

It appears that the Biden team works to create a global coalition to discredit and oppose the "authoritarian" nations of Russia and China. This is a weak position by design, because it divides the world into friends and foes.

Russia can find a common cause with any regime, be it "democratic" or "authoritarian" — this regime needs to meet Russia's national interests for successful cooperation.

Democracies vs. authoritarian regimes concept does not withhold criticism

Conceptually, the division of the world into democracies and authoritarian regimes does not stand up to scrutiny. China has its own democracy — the power in China changes every ten years. The same is with Turkey — this is a highly democratic state in terms of the electoral system. The Turkish administration pursues its terrorists, but the United States has its terrorists of its own too, provided, though, that a terrorist in Turkey may not be considered as such in the United States.

What is the issue about Hungary? In the EU, Poland is also considered a country that lacks the rule of law, but Poland was invited to Biden's virtual summit. The reason behind the decision not to invite Hungary is simple. Hungary declared war on Soros propagandists who jeopardise the Hungarian democracy. Poland appears to be the main conductor of US interests in Europe. Even if Poland stands up against LGBT and gay marriage issues, Poland will be on Biden's team.

Will Armenia play for Biden's team?

Armenia is clearly "lucky”, it is the only one of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union that was invited. Biden's invitation, however, will make Nikol Pashinyan face a difficult choice — either be present and quarrel with Moscow or ignore the summit and annoy Biden. Armenia could be a Russian spy at the summit, and this is not a joke. The Armenians used to justify themselves so after taking part in NATO programs and summits.

In a commentary for Pravda.Ru, political scientist Karine Gevorgyan noted that she could not predict whether Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan would be present at the summit.

Armenia is a member of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy, but, like Georgia and the Baltic states, it joined the Alliance for Religious Freedom, which was organized by the United States, she said.

The Summit for Democracies is doomed to fail

According to Karine Gevorgyan, the summit will not lead to any achievements for either the world or the United States. The purpose of this forum was announced on the inertia of the erstwhile paradigms, which are now falling apart like a house of cards.

"As Biden said, all problems in the world, if translated into simple language, can be solved only by three powers: the United States, Russia and China," the political scientist clarified.

We would like to add here that the Summit of Democracies is doomed to failure because "authoritarian” regimes are often more effective than "democracies”. It goes about not only China here, but also the Gulf countries and Vietnam, for example. Therefore, when Western politicians say that authoritarianism does not bring prosperity to its people, it comes contrary to the real state of affairs in the world.

Is the United States a democracy?

Democracy as a solution to inequality, corruption and poor economic governance will simply not resonate.

After all, "Who are the judges?" Here are just a few signs of American authoritarianism and corruption:

  • Donald Trump was bullied and demonised in the media;
  • there were tons of vote manipulations and record amounts of untracked money in the 2020 presidential election;
  • common Americans were denied the right to enter Congress and talk with people's representatives, as it happened on January 6;
  • terrorists' money can be laundered easily via banking fraud;

What makes you cool, American bro?

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko