Chechen Terrorist Congress in Denmark: Provocation or Simply Stupidity?

Denmark ignores the recent tragic events in Moscow and allows the Chechen terrorist congress to take place

When the hostage-takers were keeping hundreds of people inside the music theatre,  it seemed to all Russian people that  people of the whole world realized the tragedy that Russia had to deal with. It seemed that all  people of the world (except for those who support terrorists, as they cannot be called people) prayed and hoped for the best.

PRAVDA.Ru office has received many e-mails from all over the world, messages of sympathy and support. We are very thankful to all those who sent these emails to us. We will never forget that they supported us during such a horrible hour of need.

But how can anyone understand why the capital of a respectable European country, Denmark, currently holds the  so-called Chechen congress? How can anyone understand that such an event is taking place in Denmark, which chairs the European Union at present? What were the organizers of the event thinking of if they knew that hundreds of hostages could die any moment in Moscow? Do the organizers have any notion of morality?  It seems that those who organized this event do not understand that the maximum that these so-called Chechen emissaries can count on is a cold prison cell.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its protests against the Chechen congress in Denmark. However, Copenhagen released a statement, in which it was said that Russia was not authorized to prohibit the holding of the congress. It was also added that it was allegedly  against the constitution of the country.  It stands to reason that everyone must respect the constitution. Probably, the Danish government is not authorized to prohibit  the congress. However, it is way too hard to understand how it is possible for these Chechens, who proclaimed terrorism as their weapon, to gather in the center of Europe. Why didn’t the Danish government denounce the fact that the congress was taking place on the territory of its country? Why not hold this congress later? At the end of the day,  Denmark might hold a conference with Osama bin Laden. Why not? Danish human rights activists could claim to the authorities that they were not authorized to ban a conference with  Bin Laden.  They might also  demand that the USA prove Osama’s involvement in  terrorist activities. This is what the Danish government did with Russia. They  asked Moscow to prove that Chechen emissaries were terrorists.

All emotions aside, relations between Russia  and the European Union have been standing still for the period of Denmark’s chairmanship. Moreover, they are becoming worse now. The Kaliningrad enclave was the first bone of contention. The Danish press published articles in which it was said that it would be a good thing to separate the enclave from Russia in order to settle the visa issue. Now, these same people are “fighting” for freedom in Chechnya.

One of the major results of this policy is the fact that the summit between Russia and the European Union will take place not in Copenhagen, but in Brussels. A planned meeting between the Russian president and the Danish administration is about to fail. If the Danish authorities were trying to accomplish this  goal, then let’s congratulate them on their success!

Vasily Bubnov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka