What can Russia do to teach Biden a lesson or two?

It's about time Russia should become a thorn in USA's side

One should create problems for the United States of America comprehensively and consistently in different countries and situations, expert Vladimir Bruter believes.

Commenting on yesterday's interview with Joe Biden on ABC News, Vladimir Bruter, an expert with the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Research, told Pravda.Ru that Joe Biden's affirmative answer to the direct question of whether he considered Putin a killer, could be understood either as a metaphor, or as direct speech.

Yet, "there is no worse offense" for the Russian administration from what the US president said.  If Biden wants to cooperate and say such things at the same time, he must understand that a response will follow.

"I understand that Biden couldn't care less about us, but, indeed, there is always a certain limit to all sorts of nonsense and impudence," said Vladimir Bruter.

The Americans are indifferent to how Russia will behave until the moment when this behaviour threatens them in the first place.

According to the expert, Biden is not going to unleash any wars with Russia, but he will provoke, deter, accuse and try to create unpleasant situations for Russia through hostile actions.

"Everyone should, of course, be very afraid of the Americans, that's why he behaves like that. He offers Russia a deal: the US will cooperate with Russia whenever it wants, it will continue imposing sanctions on Russia, and Russia will not do anything in return, because it can not. It appears that Biden wants Russia to accept these terms or there will be no cooperation whatsoever," Vladimir Bruter told Pravda.Ru.

Moscow has been acting like this since the time when the USA pulled out from the ABM Treaty in 2002. The move forced Russia to start developing new arms systems, to which the Americans said: "Do whatever you like" (from Putin's interview to Megyn Kelly in 2018).

The recall of Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov from Washington is the highest degree of diplomatic representation, and only a termination of relations may follow afterwards, Vladimir Bruter believes.

Russia is unwilling to leave the remaining formats of relations with the West. Yet, while maintaining these formats, Russia is forced to agree that in all other cases it will be subject to sanctions.

"This is wrong in my opinion, but now it is difficult to say how and what is going to change - something should have changed a long time ago," the expert said.

According to Vladimir Bruter, Moscow should act as followsL

"We do not want a good relationship. We understand that there can be no good relationship with the USA, but we want to preserve the relationship that is beneficial to us. In all other cases, we invite them to react as they like."

"When this reaction is possible, when we can respond to them with their own words, then the situation will be different," noted Vladimir Bruter.

One should create problems for the United States comprehensively and consistently. This system can not be created in 15 minutes and in just one single action. One needs to work on this constantly, every day, in different countries, in different situations.

"As long as we create no problems for them, they will create them for us," Vladimir Bruter told Pravda.Ru.

"There are a lot of intermediate goals that would be very unpleasant for them. This arsenal can be created through systematic, daily, consistent and rather difficult work, because one needs to know one's capabilities. Nothing will change otherwise," Vladimir Bruter told Pravda.Ru.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov