Biden the killer can never make up with Putin the peacemaker

'Sleepy Joe' will have to pay a price for what he said

"Sleepy Joe" came out of hibernation and showed everyone what he was capable of. Vladimir Putin should have drawn the "red lines" for Washington a long time ago.

'Casus belli' for war with Russia

We are talking about the boorish and offensive that US President Joe Biden displayed in the  interview with ABC News on March 17.

Biden stated that he personally warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of the consequences if the fact of Russia's interference in US presidential elections was going to be revealed.

"He will pay a price," the American president announced.Then the journalist asked: "You know Vladimir Putin. Do you think he is a killer?" "Mmm, I do," Biden replied.

It should be understood that "Putin is a killer", "Assad is a butcher" rhetoric is the common political language of the American Russophobic media. Moscow has been contemptuously turning a blind eye on it for many years, but when it comes to first person level, this is a "casus belli" - an opportunity to settle the crisis at the highest level has been lost for good.

Moreover, voicing threats to the president of the country, the nuclear arsenal of which is big enough to wipe the United States off the map of the world appears to be either dementia or deliberate behavior. The first option is even more dangerous, because plans can be predicted and calculated. What if the journalist asked Biden: "Do you think that we should nuke Putin?" Would Biden also reply: "Mmmm, I do."?

Biden the killer

Biden is subconsciously programmed for war. Over the years of his political career, he has repeatedly proposed the use of force to eliminate legitimate governments in other countries.

  • He was one of the co-sponsors of the McCain-Biden Kosovo Resolution, which gave Bill Clinton the green light to bomb Yugoslavia in 1999. It is worthy of note that thousands of Serbs were killed in the bombing of Belgrade, and they continue to die now from the consequences of the use of radioactive bombs. Afterwards, Biden advocated the deployment of US troops in Afghanistan, and then in Iraq. It wasBiden who, in October 2002, as part of the group of 77 senators, granted President George W. Bush the right to invade Iraq.
  • In Afghanistan and Iraq, millions of people were killed as a result of the US aggression. Many continue to die there because of the aftermath of rampant terrorism that took advantage of the defeat of legitimate governments.
  • It was Biden who proposed to arm the opposition in Syria to overthrow the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. It was him who thus contributed to the start of the never-ending war in the Syrian Arab Republic that has so far claimed the lived of hundreds of thousands of Syrians in ten years. When Biden served as US Vice President, a coup d'etat took place in Ukraine. It was Biden, who forced then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych not to use force against "domestic terrorists."
  • The Ukrainian coup led fascists to power and launched the genocide of the Russian people. The civil war in the east of Ukraine lasts for more than seven years and claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainians.

Who is the real killer? Is it Biden or Putin?

Putin the peacemaker

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki did not think to either justify or apologize for the boss. Instead, she only said that Biden would not hold back in expressing his position.

"We will be direct, we will speak out on areas where we have concerns, and it will certainly be, as the president said last night - certainly, the Russians will be held accountable for the actions that they have taken," Psaki said.

One can, of course, talk about the degradation of the American political system, but there is little joy in this. When an empire collapses, it tries to remind everyone and itself of its erstwhile power through wars.

In fact, Moscow should have drawn the red lines for the American leadership years ago (after 2014), but it did not do so, hoping that the United States would change its approach to Russia. It has not changed a bit as the Americans understand only the language of power and nothing else - this is what their mindset and lifestyle is all about.

In one of his interviews, Vladimir Putin said that he tired not to get personal in any conflicts, which always leads to big problems. Russia's "partners" do get personal. If Washington has no desire to change, the policy of compromise does not fit. Russia should stand up and defend its dignity. Such words as "disappointed", "concerned" etc. are not good anymore.

Moscow's response to Sleepy Joe

Moscow has recalled the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, for consultations that will last as long as needed, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

  • Moscow may cease to restrain the desire of the Russians in the Donbass to reunite with Russia.
  • Moscow may deploy Iskander missile systems in South and Central American nations that want to defend their democracies from demented hawks.
  • Moscow may also announce sanctions against US companies operating in the Russian market.

Most importantly, it is about time Russia should make Washington seek contacts with Putin on its own initiative. At the same time, it is about time Putin should stop using the word 'partners' when talking about the Americans. The United States of America is Russia's number one enemy. It appears that Russia should cut its ties with Biden and wait for new politicians to come to power in the USA.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
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