USA announces series of powerful attacks against Russia

USA announces covert, but powerful attacks against Russia

The New York Times has recently reported that the United States was harbouring plans to carry out cyberattacks on internal systems of the Russian authorities within the next three weeks. It just so happens that the United States now announces acts of aggression in advance.

Of course, the Americans consider their actions to be a response to "Russia's aggression." In particular, US intelligence agencies hold Russia accountable for the hacker attack through SolarWinds software. It was allegedly launched in March 2020 and lasted for several months. The attack, as US officials claim, targeted US government agencies and more than 400 largest US-based enterprises.

As a matter of fact, the US authorities have not provided evidence to prove that Russian intelligence services were behind the attack indeed. Needless to say that such evidence will not be provided at all. As they say in such cases in Washington: "We just know it."

The New York Times assures that USA's "counterattacks" will not be evident, but the Russian leadership, intelligence services and the military will learn about them.

Kremlin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on March 9 that the Russian administration was worried about the information in the US newspaper.

"This is alarming information, because it is a fairly authoritative American publication that admits a possibility and even announces a possibility of cyberattacks," the Kremlin spokesman said.

According to him, "this is nothing more than international cybercrime."

"Of course, the fact that the publication admits that the American state could be involved in this cybercrime is a cause for our extreme concerns," Peskov stressed.

"The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated and still insists that the Russian side, the Russian state, has nothing to do with any manifestations of such cybercrime and cyber terrorism," he added.

Putting together the course of containment

"Obviously, we cannot say for sure what The New York Times was guided by when they published such an announcement, political analyst Konstantin Blokhin told Pravda.Ru.

He believes that such a statement comes as a message to the international community, and primarily to Russia, evidencing that the Joe Biden administration proceeds to the policy to contain Russia.

According to the expert, this is a reason to justify further actions that the United States will be taking against Russia. "This is just a pretext to exacerbate US-Russian relations even further," Konstantin Blokhin believes.

"They pursue many goals here. This is an attempt to consolidate allies. One may recall Biden's Munich speech, in which he called for the containment of Russia and China," the political scientist believes.

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Author`s name Anton Kulikov