Russian General Says Iraqi People Are Devoted to Saddam

Russian Major-General Vadim Orlov was an observer at the Iraqi referendum

Major-General Vadim Orlov, a deputy of the Russian State Duma from the Ulyanovsk region was staying in Iraq during the referendum pertaining to the prolongation of Saddam  Hussein’s authority. Orlov was one of the Russian observers for that important arrangement.

Vadim Orlov  told Ulyanovsk journalists that the referendum was celebrated in Iraq with festivals, concerts, shows, singing and dancing. Major-General advised that the referendum was organized very well.  There were small incidents, but they all were in Saddam’s favor. For example, a lot of polls were overcrowded, since the Iraqi people were willing to vote for Saddam as soon as possible.  One of Iraqi men wrote a letter to his “beloved leader” with blood and handed it over to authorities.

Vadim Orlov said that the Iraqi people wanted to show their unity and devotion to Saddam Hussein in front of the international observers. Deputy Orlov was conspicuous against the background of other observers for his uniform. Iraqi officers talked to him in a straightforward way. According to Orlov, everybody in Iraq realized that the war with America was inevitable. Vadim Orlov believes that the war will start until the middle of December of the current year.

In the words from the Russian general,  Americans are not  interested in the Iraqi mass destruction weapon. They want the Iraqi oil and the dominating role in the Persian Gulf region. If the USA realizes its plans and sets the price of a barrel of oil on the level of twelve or fourteen dollars, then Russia is going to be in trouble.

The general said that Iraq hoped for Russia’s help, since the interests of the two countries were basically the same. They hope for the help, but they get ready for war too. Orlov mentioned that all oil towers had been already mined. The American aggression is likely to result in an ecological disaster as well. 

Sergey Nikolayev

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka