America, Open Your Eyes!

A stranger has been terrorizing the American capital for several days in a row already.  A sniper is killing innocent people.  Americans are afraid to go outside of their houses or offices. No one wants to become the next victim of the invisible terrorist.  Washington authorities recommended that people move in zig-zags, not to stand on one and the same place motionless.

The sniper  has reportedly killed nine people and wounded four. It has just been informed that a sniper has started shooting again. The British television network Sky TV said that there a man was wounded in the chest. The incident happened around the same area where the sniper  has already “appeared”  five times. FBI agents and police officers are trying to find out if it was the Washington sniper who struck again.

Nevertheless, it does not really matter what the police are  determine. It was rumored that the sniper was a cadet from a French school. Those rumors are not relevant either. We won’t talk about the details of the whole mystery – how someone sends notes to the police  or gives more threats of more murders.  News agencies and the television will tell you all about it.

We would like to point out the fact that the American capital  is now living in fear. Everyday living has been broken,  completely destroyed. The United States has to deal with the fruit of its misanthropic policy against the rest of the “second-best” world.  Will the sniper turn out to be a fanatic Arab Muslim or just a European radical (who went crazy over the “welfare” of Western democracy). This is very significant.

The United States and its population gradually realize, what pain, fear, and horror are. These are not the feelings that Hollywood has been exploiting in its movies. This is the real life.

It is impossible to force people cry, to spread panic, and to leave. The things that are currently happening in Washington have a metaphysical, even a religious significance. The American government does not understand anything, and this is the funniest thing of all. They are too preoccupied with another armed aggression against the long-suffering Iraq. It is clear that all the proclamations and pathetic statements about the liquidation of Saddam Hussein’s regime are nothing but a screen to hide the true interests and to establish a New World Order.

Forget about Saddam, let him go.  They’d better to ask those gray-haired Serbs  and their children who survived the spring of 1999. They will tell Americans everything.  This is another anti-human campaign of the United States, and it is obvious to anyone. One should assume that September 11th and the Washington sniper are just the beginning.

A Russian radical newspaper (one that does not exist anymore) wrote: “After the explosions in New York, the United States could not understand why the world does not like it, such a wonderful and good country. A year later, America realized that the USA has all these problems because of its bad image. After the USA won the Cold War over the communist USSR, the United States settled down and started cranking out propaganda about the all-American life to the rest of the world. As a result, Osama bin Laden’s men are playing kamikaze games with the Yankees now. One shall expect more of  American propaganda on television and so on. The promotion of the US image will definitely create more Osamas, his friends, and his fans.”

This is an evil and cynical quote.  However, there were reasons for it. Don’t treat others you in a way that you don’t want to be treated yourself.

It is a paradox, but a country with a very powerful military is trembling in front of its home enemy now. This enemy cannot be either detected or stopped. Evil cannot root out evil. There are no excuses for any violence. Yet, the reasons why can be understood, further bloodshed can be prevented. Probably, we will witness the “anti-terrorist campaign” in Iraq by November.

Sergey Stefanov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov