Criminal idiocy: The see-through filth which is US foreign policy

The re-inclusion of Cuba on the USA's black list, as a State sponsor of terrorism, underlines the ludicrous and risible nature of Washington's foreign policy

The decision to include Cuba, once again, on the list of State sponsors of terrorism, has caused a reaction which denotes nothing but derision from the international community against another of Washington's absolute "clangers" in foreign policy.

The sheer idiocy of this decision is highlighted by the fact that the Caribbean island-Republic has performed heroic efforts to save lives, punching way above its weight, sending teams of doctors and nurses to the four corners of the globe to aid countries in fighting against Covid-19 and not only. And Havana is accused of being a sponsor of terrorism?

Talking about terrorism...

Talking about terrorism, let us Google up the name of Posada Carriles and see what he did and who he was working for. Talking about terrorism, let us remember the CIA's many attempts to take Fidel Castro's life, let us remember Washington's many acts of butchery, illegal invasions, criminal interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Let us remember the numerous acts of murder, slaughter of civilians, including women and children, let us remember the strafing of fields of cereals in Iraq. Was that performed by Cuban war planes?

Let us remember the numerous war crimes in Libya, the bombing of the Libyan water supply network and the bombing of the factory which made the pipes so that it could not be repaired. Was that performed by Cubans?

Let us remember the strafing of the Libyan electricity grid, depriving babies of a lifeline on an incubator. Let us remember the criminal and murderous attack against the Gaddafy grandchildren, labelled by NATO as "legitimate target". If that is not a terrorist attack, I do not know what is. Was it a Cuban pilot who was responsible?

Demonic hordes supported by Washington

Let us remember the demonic hordes of terrorists supported by Washington and its sickening poodles in Syria, terrorist groups which raped little girls before and after they were decapitated, after forcing them to watch their parentes being tortured to death and before these demons played soccer with their heads, shrieking in delight. Did Cuba arm and finance these monsters, who also raped and decapitated nuns? Do the United States of America's Christian communities just shrug and turn a blind eye to this, or are they part of it?

Let us remember the "Georgian" soldiers filmed after Tblisi's murderous attack against Russian Peace-keeping officials in 2008, soldiers with broad American accents fleeing from the Spetznaz as their poodles collapsed. Were they Cubans, breaching international law?

Let us remember the involvement in Chechnya, where American accents were picked up among the terrorists Washington was supporting. Let us remember the funding and training and aiding and abetting of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. Was this Havana, or Washington?

Were they pictures of Cuban soldiers guarding the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, or Americans? And the countless cases of rape, murder, torture and kidnapping in Latin America for decades?

I could go on and on and on. And Washington has the pigfaced arrogance, the audacity, the cheek, to include Cuba in the list of State sponsors of terrorism? What, pray, is Havana supposed to have done? According to the US State Department, Cuba provides safe haven to a number of terrorists.

So to be able to throw stones, you cannot have a glass roof yourself. What Washington describes as a terrorist or a criminal does not a terrorist or criminal make. Look at the case against Assange, a hero of Humankind who exposed the horrific deeds perpatrated by Washington and exposed the sheer hyprocrisy of what Washington calls a foreign policy. I would call it a wish-list for a serial killer and a Bible for psycopaths.

Were they Cubans guarding the torture and concentration camp in Abu Ghraib? Or Americans? You know, forcing Moslems to eat pork, smothering prisoners with excrement, setting dogs on them, forcing them to commit sodomy, beating them senseless, setting scorpions and snakes on them, attacking them with reads like a diary from a bedside table in a psychiatric hospital.

Torture and concentration camps

And what about Guantanamo? Sure, it's on the Island called Cuba but it is the few square kilometers administered by the good old US of A. It is another torture and concentration camp, holding prisoners without due legal process.

Let us remember the CIA flights on which detainees were tortured. Were the perpetrators Cubans? Let us remember the countless teams of healthcare professionals travelling around the world, setting up hospitals and treating people, for decades, for free. Are these Americans? No, they are Cubans.

A look at Washington's foreign policy is a glimpse into the depths of Hades. It is a tissue of lies, hypocrisy and these days, criminal idiocy, in which the lies become more and more ridiculous and tangled and contradictory. Those chosen to conduct US foreign policy come across as a bunch of hateful, hate-filled, bitter individuals who compete for the Psychopath of the Year trophy.

No wonder that after Iraq, nobody these days believes a word Washington says and so when it labels a country as a State sponsor of terrorism, or any other hostile description, it is in fact a medal to be worn with pride, since we can apply the egg-glass rule to Washington's policies: turn them upside down and you get the truth. So if Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (where are they?) and Saddam Hussein was telling the truth while Washington was lying through its teeth, as usual, let us apply the same logic to Cuba.

Washington accuses Cuba of harbouring terrorists. What about the terrorist groups Alpha 66, Omega 7, Cornandos F4, Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), Independent and Democratic Cuba (CID) and Brothers to the Rescue (BTTR), protected in the United States of America? These are terrorist organizations which have perpetrated many terrorist acts against Cuba. What about the imprisonment of The Five, Cubans who infiltrated terrorist groups in Florida, handed over the evidence to the FBI and whose reward was to be thrown in jail in the USA with life sentences?

Washington's foreign policy is nothing short of filth , conducted by professor in criminal idiocy. Don't worry folks, under Biden it's about to get worse.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey