Americans have their own, American truth

Will Joseph Biden be the president to unleash World War Three?

USA's prime enemies in scenarios of possible wars are Russia and Iran. China does not appear on the list.

US internal problems will not change America's attitude towards Russia

At first glance, America is mired in presidential showdown, the Republicans and the Democrats are on the brink of war, BLM protesters clash with white cops, and the economy is generally in decline.

Russia does not care much about the outcome of the standoff in the United States. The Americans will eventually sort out their problems, but they will never become friends.

In a situation of dual power in the United States, the levers of political structures and military lobbies will be used to determine the course of foreign policy of the United States for the coming years.

The Trump administration is introducing farewell sanctions against the Russian Ministry of Defense, a number of companies in the defense sector and the civilian industry, including a company associated with the administration of President Vladimir Putin.

Tellingly, Trump is hardly even aware of what those companies do. At the same time, President-elect Joe Biden, before taking office, threatens Russia with sanctions as well.

Russia does not gain anything from Biden's coming to power. The USA will continue tightening its sanctions against Russia as it did before, and it is not going to take the new US administration too long to do it.

US stance on Iran is not going to change

According to Israeli newspaper Axios, the military of the country were ordered to prepare for the possibility of a US military strike on Iran. It is not ruled out that Israel is going to experience a "very difficult period" in the region ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration in January 2021.

Experts speculate that Washington may launch an attack against Iran before incumbent President Trump leaves office. In this case, Israel runs the risk of becoming a participant to an armed conflict that could trigger a global war.

Biden may unleash war with Russia

As reported by the Daily Express, the manoeuvres conducted by US destroyers near and even inside Russia's territorial waters may lead to dramatic consequences. The entire world shuddered at the prospect of a third world war after a Russian warship chased the US destroyer out from Russian territorial waters.

Monitoring territorial waters is common practice in many countries. The commander of Russian frigate Admiral Vinogradov sent a warning signal to the captain of USS John McCain via international communication channel.

The moment of possible military confrontation between Russia and the USA was more than just close. Russian Admiral Vladimir Komoedov reminded that US Navy warships are always somewhere near the borders of the Russian Federation, but the Russian Navy is keeping a watchful eye on them. The Americans will never leave the Black, Baltic, or Barents Seas, or the Far Eastern Pacific Ocean. They conduct reconnaissance activities and assess possible prospects for neutralizing the Russian fleet.

In fact, the United States has only one truth - its own, American truth. For the Americans, Russia is always an adversary, and no president can fix that.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm