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If Biden wins, Russia will need to take up arms and get ready for major fight

Does the existence of the BLM movement mean that white lives do not matter at all? How did the BLM phenomenon affect the election campaign in the United States? Why does the Russian leadership support Trump? What can help him win? Why are candidates unwilling to recognize the election results in advance? Is the outcome of the US vote going to trigger mass protests in the country?

Pravda.Ru international observer asked these and other questions to Vladimir Vasiliev, Chief Researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada.

"Do you think that the BLM movement is a form of fascism?"

Indeed, it has become a big threat to everyone. People are very afraid of riots. Tensions may rise during the election - clashes may trigger massacres, arsons, looting and so on. Some prefer to go somewhere to safer places. Others choose to build bomb shelters or bunkers for themselves. Interestingly, prices for this service range from 6,000 to 30,000 dollars per square meter. They can even build a whole underground apartment, with all amenities, but under the ground, and there is immense interest in this services now in the United States. Not that long ago, people were afraid of nuclear war, a meteor, the end of the world. Today, most people fear riots and the coronavirus pandemic.

"Do you think that Trump will have more chances to win if the stimulus package is approved prior to the election?"

This is a very important point that Trump is playing on now. Different numbers are cited - from 500 billion to a trillion. Trump said he would sign it after November 3. If people vote for him, they will get their payments and so on. This is nothing but insolent vote buying, but this can и very important for a significant part of the US population.

Although this is being implemented as a bipartisan measure, it is Trump who will have the final say on this. This is what he said on his Twitter account, and he has about 90 million followers, by the way. This is a gift from Trump that may work in the times of the economic crisis.

The coronavirus epidemic may affect the general turnout as one would have higher chances to contract the virus when going to the posting station.

"There are many Trump supporters among our readers, although there are also Biden supporters. Does the US election mean anything for Russia?

The Russian administration wants to deal with Trump, and this is largely connected with all the talks about the START-3 extension. The Russian government clearly supports Trump here, although it could have taken a different position. The treaty will eventually expire in early February. Biden allegedly promised to extend it.

"Why do you think Russia is reaching out her hand to Trump? In which way is he better than Biden?"

As far as I understand, Biden made a number of statements, the essence of which goes down to his determination to put an end to the Putin regime. This is absolutely certain. The relationship between Putin and Biden did not work. About ten years ago, Biden came to Moscow and tried to persuade Putin not to run for president. Biden even offered him the post of the chairman of the International Olympic Committee. Biden does not hide his dislike of the Russian president.

The elites are against Trump

Trump has gone through a lot indeed. Trump wants to be reelected, and it is believed that to be reelected for a second term in the office, the president works to ensure his place in history. Look at how Trump changed his stance on the START-3 Treaty. However, he can reverse the course of American policy. It will remain the same, but Trump wants to build a better relationship with Russia, he has a fixed idea - to get along with Russia. He hasn't even fuelled any scandals with Russia recently.

"About the poisoning of Aleksei Navalny?"

Yes, that was one of those scandals. Another one was about Russia's alleged funding of the killings of American servicemen. He disregarded the scandal with Belarus too and entrusted that to Pompeo and NATO. If Biden wins, Russia would have to get on horseback and fight at once.

Then there is also the LGBT community issue. Biden is obsessed with this issue, unlike Trump, who is a supporter of traditional values. If Biden wins, the LGBT community could be made one of the central problems of Russian-American relations. In 2013, the US State Department was trying to pull this issue at the forefront of our relations, but it did not work out because of the crises in Syria and Ukraine. Everything speaks against Trump's victory now, but he may win, just like he did four years ago.

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