Deep State can make huge mistake as Americans vote

Deep State does not know yet whom to elect - Trump or Biden

Which president of the USA is preferable for Russia - Trump or Biden and why? Who will get more votes and who will be declared the winner by the Deep State? Is Trump still acceptable for the Deep State? Pravda.Ru asked these and other questions to Russian writer and literary historian Yuri Miloslavsky.

"Four years ago the real leaders of the United States made a mistake, and they can make the same mistake again. It is impossible to predict who will win this election and who will be declared the winner, given all the intrigue. Apparently, everything will be decided at the very last moment. Do you think this is the most likely scenario?"

"During this time, certain decisions were made. President Trump has shown himself, if not a completely obedient, then as a person, who is ready to do his best to listen to all sorts of wishes coming from the leaders of the deep state.

Not a bloody thing has been left of his team. He fired everyones. It is not without reason that even his supporters sadly admit that he is the weakest president in the history of the United States.

However, no other president has been subjected to so much powerful pressure. Some of them were shot dead, but this is a whole different story. As for Donald Trump, we have to admit that one has to be very strong to be able to withstand the pressure that he had to deal with.

President Trump has not started a single more or less serious war in all of his almost four years of presidency. Nonetheless, he has showed himself to be a person who needs to be looked after very attentively.

Trump targets conservative America, the America in the spirit of the 1950s - before the vassalization of Western and then all of Europe. He has showed himself to be a retrograde, conservative, isolationist, so it is better not to reelect him. I very much doubt that he has a chance of getting a second term, although it can be possible, of course.

Trump is doing his best to achieve that. He shows his loyalty to traditional geopolitical goals of the Deep State. But I'm afraid they won't believe him."

"The strategic policy of the United States has not changed at all during Trump's stay in power. It may have even strengthened in its aspiration for the leading role of world domination. What can Trump be guilty of then?"

"He was literally forced to pursue this policy, and he is pursuing it. He is ready to listen and obey under certain guarantees, conditions and other things. At the same time, he needs to be looked after very attentively.

The members of the notorious world government are not some reptilians, big brothers or something like that. They are people who, like anyone else, have a lot of work to do, who want to have a break very now and then, and their experts want to live decent lives too. Therefore, it is impossible to focus too much attention on this gentleman in the White House all the time - it is a lot easier not to elect him."

"You are predicting the outcome of the election in the USA."

"No. I do not do it, because I always believe that I can make mistakes, and so can the Deep State.  Even wisest people can make very serious mistakes at times.

Let's take, for example, Emperor Napoleon, whom I value highly as an excellent strategist. How could he get involved in this unfortunate Russian campaign of 1812? That was sheer insanity. Nevertheless, he got involved in it.

How could such a powerful and seemingly reasonable sinister system, which existed in Germany in the 1930s and the 1940s, get involved in the eastern campaign without taking into account all the conditions and possible consequences? They bought into it, and we all know the outcome.

History repeats itself, and the American deep state can make this or that mistake literally in the next hours, days, minutes, at the very last moment - anytime. It is very difficult to predict anything here.

One should remember a quote from late Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. His thought is remarkable: it does not matter how they vote, it matters how they put it down. I myself am a paleoconservative and a monarchist. To me, the word "elections" means one of the greatest lies of our time in a sense.

One cannot, of course, get away from the idea that elections can be fair. Of course they can, but it's so complicated and so rare that one does not have to take it seriously. If such elections happen, they they sometimes do happen in different countries, including in Russia, they do not bring any good, didn't you notice?

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff