The West prepares to blame Russia for COVID-19 vaccine deaths in 2021

Another provocation against Russia about COVID-19 vaccine victims is brewing in the West

The West, having had enough with the story of Aleksei Navalny poisoning, may work on another  anti-Russian attack, this time about fake "victims of the Russian coronavirus vaccine," experts believe.

There is a lot of money at stake, and the political profit of an endeavour are obvious.

Anonymous Telegram-insider Nezygar writes, it is not difficult to predict the behavior of Russia's "Western partners": if they succeed once, they will do it again.

This is a primitive "andry rhino tactic," but given the amount of resources available to them, it works.

According to him, Maidan riots in Ukraine are indicative. Then it continued with the "Litvinenko poisoning." The provocation was successful, so they proceeded with it and poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter and then poisoned Navalny.

However, the coronavirus pandemic threatens to outshine everything.

The second wave is here: Spain, France, the UK and other countries of the European Union take urgent measures against the backdrop of a record increase in the number of new cases.

"Russia has developed a vaccine against the coronavirus. This is a breakthrough that can be comparable to the first manned flight into space. This invention also comes as a huge moral advantage - after all sanctions for Boeing, Skripal and Syria. The Russian vaccine is a threat to the West, because it stipulates Russia's moral dominance over the West, let alone the money that goes away from Western pharmacological giants: taking into account orders from foreign countries, the number of doses of the Russian vaccine is going to reach one billion," Nezygar notes.

The vaccination with the Russian drug will start in December, when sufficient stocks are created at logistics points around the world to ensure an uninterrupted flow of consumables.

When it happens, a provocation will be inevitable. There will obviously be news reports about someone who died as a result of the vaccination.

  • No one will care to collect any evidence, not for a second. We can already see it from reports about Western officials who refuse to show anyone the logs of the servers that were allegedly attacked by "Russian hackers."
  • In terms of time, Nezygar suggests, a provocation in relation to the Russian vaccine may occur in the beginning of the new year - that would be a good reason to fill the information gap with a narrative about "Russian killer doctors."
  • Moreover, sources from the military-diplomatic circles already confirm information about the preparation of such a provocation in the West.

One of Russia's internally unstable allies (Belarus, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova) may become a place of the possible spectacle.

"In the end, everything that could be used from the situation with Navalny has already been used and put into practice. The Germans were quite critical both of this story on the whole and the statements that they heard from Navalny's "visitor," Angela Merkel.

In addition to accusations of nationalist and xenophobic statements, Navalny also received claims of insulting ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

This, of course, does not prevent the EU from working on sanctions for the "poisoning" of the Russian opposition activist. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lamented that the EU did not provide any evidence, but presented accusations on the basis of trumped-up charges contrary to elementary logic.

In a nutshell, it makes no sense to even try to conduct a dialogue with the West, because Western partners hold Russia accountable for everything, albeit on a "highly likely" basis.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm