The Poles criticize their president, who came to Kiev, for betraying the victims of the Volhynia massacre

President of Poland Duda or President of Ukraine Zelensky - Who is the bigger traitor?

Polish and Ukrainian presidents sign a joint statement

During the three-day visit of Andrzej Duda to Kiev, the presidents of Poland and Ukraine signed a joint statement, which touched upon the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

The article under the headline "Ukraine: Andrzej Duda and Vladimir Zelensky sign a joint statement" published by Polish newspaper Iteria, said:

"We emphasize that the Republic of Poland and Ukraine respect international law and fundamental principles of international relations, calling for an end to the illegal occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the ongoing aggression in Donbas," the statement signed by the presidents of Poland and Ukraine said.

The Republic of Poland expresses its interest in cooperation with Ukraine on the international platform for "de-occupation" of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. "The Republic of Poland and Ukraine emphasize the right of citizens of all countries to determine their future by means of democratic elections."

The presidents of Poland and Ukraine condemned "acts of vandalism against Polish cultural monuments and memorials in Ukraine, as well as against Ukrainian cultural monuments and memorials in Poland." They also asked "the competent authorities to take care of them."

They also pointed out "the need to further develop capabilities and potential of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade named after great hetman Konstantin Ostrozhsky" and supported Ukraine's aspirations to join NATO.

Both leaders agreed that "humanitarian and cultural cooperation remains an important part of the bilateral agenda and will focus on promoting contacts between people, developing new initiatives and implementing joint projects in education, science, health, sports, youth exchanges and tourism."

Duda betrays memory of Volhynia massacre

In the comments to the above-mentioned article in Iteria, readers characterized Duda's visit to Kiev as "a conspiracy of the traitor who sold the memory of the Poles, who had been brutally slaughtered  in the Volhynia massacre." "One day he will answer before the nation, and the people will repay him for that," a reader commented.

"During that visit, did he pay tribute to the memory of more than 100,000 Poles from Volhynia, who had been brutally slaughtered by Ukrainian friends from the UPA*, or did he ask for a decent burial for victims of that massacre, which the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian president blocked? No, he did not. Now the Polish authorities want to make the Poles believe that the Ukrainians are our best friends," another reader wrote.

The Poles are also worried about the illegal occupation of Lvov and Eastern Little Poland.

The Poles are more concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, saying that Polish-Ukrainian statements are nothing but "empty words."

"Why did he (Duda) go there? What else will he give them for free? We will not keep them, let the rich oligarchs keep that country. A president who sees occupation of Crimea and does not see the occupation of Lvov and other cities is certainly not a Polish president."

Other readers answered a question of the purpose of Duda's visit to Kiev.

"The right to decide the future of Crimea as a result of democratic elections was voiced by the person who fulfills the orders from the European Commission, which was not elected by anyone, while the other one (Zelensky) denies this right to 50% of the Russian-speaking population."

"They are two Washington henchmen."

"The declaration should also indicate that Kosovo should be returned to Serbia. Then the statement would be a sincere one," a reader rightly believes.

Here is what the Poles think of Ukraine and reasons for the "occupation" of Crimea:

"Because of the stupidity of Maidan riots, Ukraine will never return either Crimea and or Donbass. Poland can give nothing to Ukraine - digging into the past will not bring anything good."

And finally, about the fate of Crimea:

"The citizens of Crimea voted to join Russia in a democratic referendum. This is a response to the statement (by Duda and Zelensky) about "the right of citizens of all countries to decide their future through democratic elections."

Who is the bigger traitor?

Ukrainian nationalists should also be outraged about Zelensky's recent move, who recently put forward a "crazy" ultimatum to the Polish president - "to restore the desecrated burial of Bandera supporters on Monastery Mountain near the village of Verhrata."

It was nto only them, who Zelensky betrayed - he betrayed his grandfather in the first place, who had fought against Bandera for Soviet Union. The president of Ukraine also betrayed the Russian-speaking population of his country - Zelensky is Washington's henchman, and this explains all his actions.

Alas, politics is the art of lies and betrayal for the benefit of the powers that be.

Reference: On July 11, 1943, armed units of Ukrainian nationalists attacked more than a hundred of Polish settlements. Poland still remembers that day as the National Day of Remembrance of Victims of Genocide perpetrated by Ukrainian nationalists on citizens of the Second Republic of Poland during WWII. This formulation is officially enshrined in the Polish law.

Lvov used to be part of Austria-Hungary, but then, following the results of the First World War, the city became part of Poland. The Ukrainian cities of Lvov, Lutsk, Rovno and Brody, which became part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1939 under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, after the Polish government fled to Romania, are considered Polish territories in Poland.

*Ukrainian Insurgent Army - the organization is banned in Russia

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko