UAE-Israel historic agreement is not worth the paper it is printed on

Historic agreement between UAE and Israel turns out to be flight of fantasy

The historic "agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which was concluded two weeks ago, turned out to be fiction.

Protesting Tel Aviv's opposition to the supplies of US F-35 fighters to Abu Dhabi, the UAE canceled the scheduled meeting to celebrate the "deal of the century" between the United States and Israel at the UN.

The meeting of the ambassadors of the three countries was supposed to be a solemn event, with photos for the press and a joint statement, Israeli website Walla! wrote.

However, one of the sources" told the website that "senior UAE officials decided to cancel the meeting to inform Israel that they цуку disappointed with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's public statements about the sale of stealth (aircraft) and about his intentions to oppose the arms deal when it goes for approval to US Congress.

Emirates officials are also unhappy that Netanyahu says that he was unaware of the planned contract. According to them, this is not true: Washington and Abu Dhabi were negotiating on trade long before they talked about normalizing relations between the UAE and Israel.

UAE representatives were so "enraged" that they announced that they would not attend the upcoming high-level talks, which were to be held in Jerusalem, Walla! writes.

The Netanyahu government justifies its position by the fact that US Congress made a commitment as a result of the Yom Kippur War of 1973 (the war of Egypt and Syria against Israel in order to return the Arab territories occupied by Israel in 1967 as a result of the six-day war" - Ed.), to support Israel's "quality military leadership" in the Middle East. That is, before selling weapons to Israel's neighbors, Washington must always take into account Jerusalem's position.

"At the moment, our position has not changed," the Israeli Prime Minister stated.

US chooses whom to deceive - Abu Dhabi or Tel Aviv

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who met with Netanyahu on Monday, stressed that Washington was committed to maintaining Israel's military superiority in the region, but at the same time hinted that the United States was not thinking of canceling the deal with the Emirates.

"We have a 20-plus-year security relationship with the United Arab Emirates as well, where we have provided them with technical assistance and military assistance and we will now continue to review that process. "We will continue to make sure we are delivering them with the equipment that they need to secure and defend their own people from this same threat," Pompeo said, referring to Iran.

Negotiations with "with tongue in cheek"

In еру agreement signed less than two weeks ago with the UAE, Israel pledged to "suspend" the annexation of the West Bank in exchange for peace. That is, the principle of the Arabs "peace in exchange for territories" was replaced by the principle of "peace for peace." Many analysts saw this as a victory for Israel, which will now crush the Arab countries one by one so that they finally surrender the interests of Palestine.

The UAE is to become the third Arab country after Egypt and Jordan that has diplomatic relations with Israel.

The agreement between the two countries was criticised by Turkey and Iran and Qatar; Russia expressed a concern.

The "historic" treaty, being unable to overcome the first obstacle on the way is far from being as such, because the treaty does not take into account the realities. Instead, the treaty serves the desires of UAE sheikhs to take a leading position in the region. Perhaps Donald Trump, who needs foreign policy victories in the pre-election period, promised the Emirates some preferences specifically in the procurement of state-of-the-art weapons, but he did not consult Netanyahu.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko