The West works to create another Sergei Skripal case, this time in Czech Republic

Czech Republic works against Soviet military legend to set up Russia

Czech mass media report that Russian special services brought ricin poison to Prague. Three candidates may play the role of Sergei Skripal – they all are connected to the story about the demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev.

According to Respect weekly, a man holding a Russian diplomatic passport arrived in Prague in the beginning of April and took refuge in the Russian embassy. Czech special services believed that the person brought ricin poison to the capital of the Czech Republic. 

The Czech police currently took under protection the following individuals: 

  •     the head of Prague 6 district, Ondřej Kolář, who is hiding in an unknown place,
  •     Prague Mayor Zdenek Grzyb
  •     the head of the Rzhepory district, Pavel Novotny (he wants to erect a monument to the Vlasovites). 

In his "open letter to the Russian Federation" Novotny used the following epithets to describe Konev: 

  • "monster", 
  • "psychopath", 
  • "mass murderer" and "lousy military leader", whose name is "not worthy of respect in school books."

According to website, the Russian ambassador to Prague, Alexander Zmeevsky, was told on behalf of Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Tomasz Petřicek that the Czech Republic would respond accordingly, if something happens to the above-mentioned people.

Obviously, Ondřej Kolář and other leaders recklessly and zealously started to get involved in the “war of monuments” with Russia, but they did not take into account that they were being prepared to slaughter in the information war according to the “poisoning scenario” that the Russian special services tested in Britain.

New Skripal case may appear in Europe at any time

Valery Bruter, an expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies told Pravda.Ru, that such a scenario might be brought into play at any time. Moscow has no way to avoid it if such a decision was going to be made.

"Russia stated that it had nothing to do with it, but there is no way Russia can take this person (Kolář) under protection or avoid any crisis situations that may arise in this connection," the expert noted.

According to the expert, any representative of any Western intelligence agency may poison those officials in Prague and then accuse Russia of that without providing any evidence.

“This situation comes natural to the West. It is natural for them to be hypocritical and make accusations without providing any. It’s also natural for them to design and implement scenarios in which they blame others. They even have a name for that – false-flag operations,” Valery Bruter said. 

According to the expert, the demolition of the monument was not de jure organized by the state – it was the local self-government that arranged it. According to the laws of the Czech Republic, the Czech government is not responsible for the actions of Czech self-government.

Abolition of Russophobia comes first, business comes second

According to Valery Bruter, Russia should show a political reaction in response to the Czech story. First and foremost, Russia should demand the EU administration and the leaders of major EU states should condemn Russophobia.

“Russia needs to associate its relations with Germany, France and other major EU countries with how they shape their role in establishing normal relations with Russia. They should condemn Russophobia in all its manifestations. For some reason, Russia is not doing it. Moreover, Russia has not been doing it for long – this is a big mistake,” said Valery Bruter.

On April 3, 2020, Prague 6 City Hall ordered to demolish a monument to Marshal Konev. The statue should be relocated to the Museum of the 20th Century, but it is still being kept in an unknown location. some kind of storage. Commenting on the move, Kolář cynically declared that the monument had to be demolished because Konev was standing there without a mask, while the rules of the quarantine were the same for everyone.

US-based company Squire Patton Boggs prepared a report, in which it substantiated the decision to dismantle the monument.

In Russia, a criminal case was filed in connection with the demolition of the monument under article "Vandalism". Under the Russian law, perpetrators can be sentenced to one year of corrective labor if they are brought to trial before the Russian judicial system.

Moscow sent a request to the Czech Republic to hand over the monument to Russia, but Kolář  sent and arrogant decline in response. Afterwards, the Czech Foreign Ministry said it was ready to discuss this issue. Representatives of the local authorities claim that the monument is property of Prague-6 district. However, the plot of land, on which the monument was located, belongs to the capital’s administration, according to the national cadastral registry.

It is worthy of note that it was decisive actions taken by Ivan Konev that prevented the destruction of Prague. The defeat of the million-strong German army group under the command of Field Marshal Ferdinand Schörner went down in history as an example of military art. During the offensive, 40,000 enemy soldiers and officers were killed and wounded, 860,000 were taken captive. Konev ordered not to use heavy artillery and aviation during the assault to save the historic city from destruction.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko