Coronavirus exposes nothing but big global lies

The world will never be the same after the coronavirus pandemic. The tiny spec has exposed something really big: all the talks about the globalized world were big global lies.

What is going to happen next? What should Russia do to take advantage of the global hysteria to come out of the crisis as a strong, independent and successful nation? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova talked about it in an interview with Valery Korovin, the director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise.

"Why do you think the world is not going to be the same after the pandemic of coronavirus?"

"How can it be the same? How can Europe be united and open again if they closed borders between European states so quickly? Even Germany and France - the two main pillars of the European Union - closed the border between themselves and cut communication between the two countries as much as possible."

"But they did not bomb each other. That was a protective measure of a medical nature, not a political one."

"True, but where is that marvelous fraternal world that was supposed to come as a united front in the face of a common threat? The globalist united world, which globalists of all kinds and types have been trumpeting about for two decades, was supposed to stand up united, as one. The civil society of the entire globalized Western society should have stood up, and together, shoulder to shoulder, they should have fought against this epidemic. What can we see instead? Every man is for himself.

All this is happening on the basis of the media myth that says that the novel virus is a terrible virus.

"Where are hundreds of thousands, millions of deaths? Look at flu epidemics for comparison. Yet, people cease to communicate with their relatives, countries build borders between themselves. There is no globalized world, but the virus is mutating, and there is Covid-20 version of its round the corner.

"Ukraine has perfectly integrated itself into the European hysterical choir. The Ukrainian authorities do not let their citizens out of the country."

Russia needs internal mobilization

"What should Russia do about this situation?"

"Russia needs to get used to the idea that this is going to be a multipolar and completely different world. Russia should use this situation as an occasion for internal mobilization, to implement genuine mobilization measures, to get rid of the liberals who are guilty of the spread of the coronavirus, to implement tough measures all for the return of a state that would take a strong position on the world stage.

"We would need to curtail - abolish or restrict - some freedoms that only harm us. Without mobilization, we will not be able to become the strongest state on the planet. It was not Russia that made this pandemic happen, but we are forced to join this big game, and we should win this game to become the leader of the Eurasian civilization - one of the main poles of the imminent multipolar world.

"That would be a positive, correct and constructive way out of the hysteria that we did not even cause. They want Russia to suffer from the consequences of this hysteria. Russia will become the number one state by creating the Eurasian civilization bloc of the imminent multipolar world. We can only care less about those accusations that we can hear from the West.

Coronavirus is a moment of truth

"In connection with this hysteria, when Russia sent a plane to Montenegro to evacuate our citizens from the country, the authorities of this country did not give permission to take them out for a long time and kept them hostage. They demanded Russia should take citizens of Montenegro from Russia at our own expense."

"Give me a magnifying glass, I want to find Montenegro on the map. This is a good reason not to go to Montenegro."

"There are many Russians who have real estate in Montenegro, it's generally good to spend a vacation there."

"All that was before the coronavirus. The pandemic showed the true colors of everything and put everything in place. It became a moment of truth. Those who have real estate in Montenegro will always be hostages of this country, no matter what other problems may come up. If some people like to be hostages, they can keep on living there and buy property in other countries of the West. Yet, they can also sell that property to buy it somewhere in Russia."

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Author`s name Inna Novikova