Covid-19: Biological weapon that cancels out globalization

Coronavirus pandemic: is the whole world suffering from the first-ever use of biological weapons? Why is this happening? What does Russia need to do? What kind of the world will it be after the pandemic ends? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova asked these questions to Valery Korovin, the director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise.

"Do you think that this is the first time when the world has come across the consequences of the use of biological weapons?"

"I do believe that a biological weapon was used indeed."

"Why no country has declared this pandemic a biological attack?"

"Nothing has been proved and confirmed. It will take time. Today, it is only Pentagon officials who could make such an announcement, but this is top secret information."

"What is the role of Russia in all this?"

"Russia is not favored by Trump's adversaries, the Democrats. They always interact with globalists outside the United States and always blame Russia for everything. In London, some already said that Russia was to blame for the spread of coronavirus infection."

Russia is forced to react due to global coronavirus hysteria

"What are the grounds for such statements?"

"The number of infections in Russia is lower than in other countries. It appears that Russia started getting involved in the hysterical campaign reluctantly, because it appears that those who do not succumb to hysteria are guilty of it. Do you know anyone who died of coronavirus?


"Neither do I. I do not know anyone, who has any friends, who have the coronavirus infection. If we do not play the hysterical game, the West will be quick to claim that it is Russia that started all this.

"How can they accuse us if the virus started in China and our president is friends with the Chinese leader?"

"How did coronavirus find itself in Europe? The easiest answer is - "it was the Russians." The Americans accused Russia of meddling in their elections on the basis of posts and pics in social media.

The world was a step away from globalization. The West was about to announce the creation of the globalized world, in which there is the global elite and a few rogue nations, such as North Korea, Russia, Iran and a few others.

After the pandemic, the world will no longer be global

It looked like that all nations were basking in mutual friendship and love under the control of the highly efficient economic model and qualified elite of the West. Coronavirus put an end to those plans. Today, there is no global world anymore - all borders have been closed.

The economic system, which is supposedly an efficient model, does not work. Everyone survive as they can. Every man is for himself - there is no single economy. Global elites who earlier claimed their global leadership are not competent, they are unable to handle the situation. The situation is getting out of control as people fight for a roll of toilet paper in supermarkets.

The elite that wanted to rule the whole world can do nothing about this crisis even in Western countries. This is how the myth ends. One needs to remember this moment. They may try to maintain the idea that now we'll get a little sick, but then everything goes back to good old days, back to the global economy, open borders, etc.

This is not going to happen. The sooner we fix this and use it as a starting point, the more efficient and painless our way into the new world will be. This is not going to be the global world under the control of the West. This will be the multipolar world, where several civilization poles will be determining the fate of mankind.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov