Will Ireland Give up EU?

Ireland holds the repeated referendum pertaining to the ratification of the treaty that would  lay the foundation for the expansion of the European Union. The document was signed at the EU summit in Nice in December of the year 2000.  Ireland is the only member of the European Union, which has not ratified the treaty yet.

The first referendum on the question took place in June of the past year. Fifty-four percent of Irish people voted against the ratification. Ultranationalist Sinn Fein party, the “greens” and socialists stand against the ratification of the Nice Treaty. They claim that a negative answer from Ireland will be good both for the republic and for all smaller European countries that lose their independence  in front of larger ones.

Analysts believe that those Irish voters, who stand against the ratification, fear lest the treaty should  deprive Ireland of neutrality or reduce its influence in the European Union.

Radio Liberty informed that small European countries have something to be afraid of. It is an open secret that Great Britain is working on a plan to  set up a certain structure within the scope of the European Union. This new organization will include three largest EU members – Germany, France, and Great Britain itself. This association will be like  the UN Security Council. It will be a super-board that will be meant to provide the mentioned three countries with the leading position in the European Union system.

That is why, it would not be correct to think that today’s referendum in Ireland is just a formality. Europe’s future depends on its results now.  European Union leaders warned that  if the treaty was going to be rejected again, then it would become null and void by the end of the current year.  This might cause a serious crisis in the European Union.

Dmitry Litvinovich

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka