The French President Dared to Challenge the USA

The White House has finally finished pressing out Russia and China (two constant members of the UN Security Council) regarding the Iraqi issue.  Russia and China gave it to understand that  they would not put obstacles on America’s way to pass the subdued resolution on Iraq at the UN.

The text of the draft resolution will exclude the words about the use of the force. The document stipulated earlier that any of the UN Security Council members was entitled to take all necessary measures in case of even a slightest  violation of UN resolutions by Iraq. Now  the text of the resolution runs that the chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix will have to report to the UN Security Council in case if Iraq breaks its obligations.

After this news media outlets informed that France was ready to  sign that variant of the resolution. Yet, Jacques Chirac ruined Washington’s game. Touring the Mideast countries, the French president  released a sensational statement. “This region does not need a new war,” declared Chirac. The French president urged the international community  to avoid it. “We'll do all we can to ensure the resolution conforms to what we see as the interests of the region, the interest of ethics, our idea of international order. If we don't succeed, France, as a member of the Security Council and a permanent member, will fulfill its responsibilities."

The French media concluded that Paris would veto  any decision of the United Nations, which would imply the beginning of the army operation against Iraq.

It is hard to say, if the French leader sympathizes with Saddam Hussein. It’s not good for Paris to agree with the position of the USA. France is running for a dominating position in Europe. That is why  it is so willing to do a bad turn to America’s associate in Europe (Great Britain).

At the end of the day, France’s diplomacy is actually about the following:  Paris needs to press Americans in Europe. It goes about the establishment  of European security structures that would be alternative to NATO. Globally, France hopes to settle conflicts (like an Iraqi one) only within the scope of the United Nations. Single-handed solutions will eventually bring the UN’s role to nothing.

The members of the UN Security Council are to hold a session on Friday. Then it will become known, if  it is going to be possible to come to consent on this question or not. The session will be of closed character. There will definitely be a lot of debate. As analysts believe, neither France, nor other members of the Council want to tempt providence, forcing the USA to launch the army action against Iraq regardless the UN. Furthermore, it will not be easy for France to dare to veto an American resolution. This would be the first time in 50 years of the UN history.

Dmitry Litvinovich

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka