“I felt morally obliged…”

Pentagon official accused of spying for Cuba

Ana Belen Montes, the former senior analyst at the US Defense Intelligence Agency, who had been in charge of the Cuban case, was sentenced to a 25-year imprisonment. The Pentagon employee is accused of spying for Cuba.

In eager rivalry, the Western media are discussing the unprecedented action of the American citizen.

Confessions of Ana Belen Montes were a shock for liberal American law-makers. She said at a court session that she had felt morally obliged to help the Cuban state protect itself from US attempts to force its values and political system on Cuba. She added that the USA had been demonstrating intolerance and disdain toward Cuba for the majority of the past forty years and never respected Cuba’s right to follow its own way to its own ideals of justice and equality.

It should be mentioned that Havana's payments to the  ex-official were insignificant. Earlier, Ana Belen Montes  confessed in court session that had been providing classified materials about US military exercises and other sensitive operations to Havana for the past 16 years. However, in the final plea, the woman wouldn’t confess to any crime, which certainly disappointed the state prosecutors. Nothing was left for the circuit judge but say habitual words about betrayal and announce the sentence. However, he couldn’t refrain from wishing the convict good luck in the end.

Montes is of Puerto Rico origin; she was arrested in September of 2001. She has worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency for over 15 years. For the several past years, she held a key analytical post and was responsible for the Cuban case. The spy delivered classified materials concerning the activity of four American agents spying on the island; she also turned over information about secret methods the USA employed to monitor Cuban troops.

Ana Belen Montes is currently 45; she will be 70 when she is released from prison.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson