Why do Americans think of themselves as victors?

Why do Americans think of themselves as victors?

When is the division of the world going to end? Why do the Americans consider themselves victors in the Cold War and no longer recognize the outcome of World War II? Why will they have to return to the global legal field? State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov said in an interview with Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova that the Americans have no more energy for another world war.

"Mr. Fedorov, you said that we will again have to change our worldview and admit our mistakes that we made in 1991, because the breakup of the USSR was illegal and harmful. Who is going to initiate all these processes?"

"Firstly, there are tools and mechanisms. Legal restoration is a constitutional reform. I do not propose, roughly speaking, good steps. I'm talking about things that, if we do not make them happen, our statehood will be eliminated. This is not even a choice of mind. This is a choice of self-preservation instinct, like it was in 1941. Our struggle against Hitler came as a self-protection device, rather than a choice that we made by reason. This is the only way for us to stay alive as a nation, and this mechanism starts working. We have to restore our Fatherland."

"But we have been living as a nation for 30 years already."

"It's getting worse every day. Putin said that Russia needs to enter the level of 3.5percent of world growth. I think that Russia will experience recession and decline in living standards next year.Currently, we have no power, because we are still part of the US unipolar world. One center of power , and one center where all decisions are made is located in Washington DC. They do not care about Russia there, they will never help us.

"This is what the notion of sovereignty means. Washington officials will never do anything good to us. Yet, we still have some people who still think that someone else will take care of us. Almost all Russians used to think so in 1991, when the Americans started shipping their jeans to Russia, when the Russians were thrilled to go to eat at McDonald's."

"It was brazen idiocy in 1991."

"It is about time this idiocy should end."

"Hasn't it ended in the early 2000s?"

"No. In order for it to pass, people need to change their minds about ways of survival. People need to understand that we need to continue building our Fatherland. There were illegal decisions made to cause our nation to collapse, but now is time to restore it."

"Those who were born in Russia after 1991 are completely different people, they were growing in a completely different world. You're talking about 1991, but why not 1917? It was an illegal revolution, a conspiracy."

"This is true, but the world was divided after WWII. They divide the world as soon as wars end."

"What are your thoughts on the cold war that was not that cold at all?"

"It was not - about 20 million people were killed in that war. This process goes on an on and it doesn't look like it is going to end. There is no global war per se, but regional conflicts spark in different parts of the world all the time - everyone wants to divide their territories. This was the case in Yugoslavia, Nagorny Krabakh, Transnistria. All this is happening because the new owner wants to cancel the results of World War II. The Americans say that they do not recognize them. They believe that they won the cold war, and therefore now they do not recognize the results of World War II. They rebuild Yugoslavia the way they want, they rebuild Iraq and now target Iran. At the same time, they have no energy to hold World War Three. Today, thanks to Putin, we have been able to create a coalition of countries where more than a half of the world population lives. The Americans do not succeed in the division of the world. It is not working out for them, and they have to go back into the legal field, which is a problem for them.

"Russia must always stick to the outcome of WWII, because the results of that war mark our paramount historical national development. Why do we need any redivision of the world? Why do we have to bid farewell to Ukraine, if Ukraine became part of our Fatherland as a result of WWII?"

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Author`s name Inna Novikova