World's Leading Human Rights Abuser USA

The State Department publishes human rights reports for over 190 countries annually. Omitted is the appalling record of the world's leading human rights abuser on a global scale - the USA.

No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than the US - horrific abuses committed throughout its history from inception, including the genocidal annihilation of the vast majority of its native people.

Its ongoing high crimes and other human rights abuses include wars of aggression, other forms of state terror, unbridled militarism and belligerence, fascist rule, police state harshness, institutionalized lawlessness, operating the world's largest gulag prison system, torture as official policy, targeted assassinations, one-party rule masquerading as democratic governance, money-controlled farcical elections, and much more.

Washington's so-called global war on terror wages war on humanity, advancing the nation's imperium, aiming for dominance over all other nations - no matter the human cost.

At a time the nation's only foreign threats are invented ones, national security priorities take precedence over all others - along with serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of exploited ordinary Americans.

On Wednesday, the State Department released its latest country reports on human rights practices globally.

Discussing it, Mike Pompeo lied claiming the US has a "strong rights tradition," adding in its annual human rights reports, Washington "put(s) the world on notice that we'll expose violations of human rights wherever they occur" - while concealing its own, he failed to explain.

"(T)hose who disgrace the concept of human dignity they will pay a price," he roared - not tinpot despotic regimes like Israel and numerous others the US supports.

Washington's adversaries are targeted exclusively, notably by fabricated claims, blaming them for US crimes committed against them.

As expected, Pompeo slammed Iran. He lied claiming the Islamic Republic harmed its people "for the last four decades."

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi responded, saying "issues mentioned in this report regarding the situation of human rights in our country are merely (based on) political, biased and untrue analyses of certain developments inside Iran, about which the US is not eligible to comment due to its indefensible and dark human rights record," adding:

The Trump regime "stopped short of no measure in breaching the rights of Iranians," flagrantly violating international law and its own Constitution.

Pompeo laughably claimed the US was "founded on those self-evident truths that each of us is endowed with the rights that cannot be forfeited." 

No nation breaches the fundamental rights of ordinary people more egregiously than the US globally, including at home against its poor, people of color, as well as immigrants and Muslims from the wrong countries.

Pompeo: "(T)he State Department continues to play a leading role in championing human rights across the globe, honoring the vision of our founders and expressing our time-honored American aspiration for all people to be free."

US geopolitical policies are polar opposite the above Big Lies. Republicans and undemocratic Dems egregiously abuse the civil and human rights of ordinary people worldwide - notably by endless wars of aggression and other forms of state terror.

Pompeo is an unindicted war criminal. So are countless others infesting the Trump regime and Congress - unaccountable for the highest of high crimes, blaming other countries for US crimes committed against them.

It's the American way, waging war on humanity worldwide.

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Author`s name Stephen Lendman