US Plotting Coups in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua?

by Stephen Lendman

The US wants all nations worldwide colonized, their resources looted, their people exploited as serfs, including ordinary Americans.

Sovereign independent governments everywhere are targeted for regime change - by coup d'etats or wars. 

That's what imperialism is all about, a diabolical plot for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes for the US to achieve its aims, Republicans and undemocratic Dems allied for the same geopolitical objectives.

Humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect, and democracy building are code words by both right wings of America's war party for wanting fascist tyranny replacing governance of, by, and for everyone equitably everywhere - legitimate governments replaced by US-controlled puppet ones.

Post-9/11 alone, the US orchestrated coups in Haiti,  Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, Ukraine, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East. 

The so-called Arab spring was made in the USA. Uprisings were orchestrated. Nothing was  spontaneous. CIA dirty hands were involved in replacing unpopular regimes with despotic ones considered more reliable.

Spring never bloomed, just the illusion of change for the better. It was pure deception. Everything changed in targeted countries but stayed the same. 

In Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere things worsened, notably in Occupied Palestine. No spring bloomed there or anywhere else in the Middle East.

Plan Colombia was and remains all about Washington's aim to control Latin America, eliminating opposition to regimes it controls, plotting coups against ruling authorities unwilling to bend to its will, along with pursuing anti-Sino/Russian regional policies.

Since Soviet Russia's dissolution, the US escalated wars on humanity, using NATO as a killing machine. Republicans and Dems colluded to thirdworldize America, banana republicanize it, wrecking the economy, handing its wealth to Wall Street, war-profiteers and other corporate predators.

Both right wings of duopoly governance mock democratic values and rule of law principles they abhor, governing under a police state apparatus, hardened over time, risking global war to achieve its aims.

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Bolivia are the remaining sovereign independent Latin and Central American nations.

Trump regime hardliners want fascist tyranny replacing their legitimate governments. In early January, State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino turned truth on its head, saying the US "support(s) the people of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in restoring democratic governance and their human rights" - notions Washington abhors.

Venezuelan Bolivarian social democracy is the Trump regime's top Latin American target for regime change. Pompeo made US intentions clear.

He turned truth on its head, saying President Nicolas Maduro is "illegitimate and the United States will work diligently to restore a real democracy to that country," adding:

"We are very hopeful that we can be force for good to allow the region to come together to deliver that."

Fact: Last May, Maduro was overwhelmingly re-elected by a two-thirds majority.

Fact: Scores of international observers from 30 countries monitored the election, judging it open, free and fair. 

Fact: Venezuela's political process is the world's best.

Fact: It's polar opposite America's money-controlled system, one-party rule with two right wings, ordinary people having no say over how they're governed. 

Fact: US democracy is pure fantasy. Venezuelans have the real thing, why Republicans and Dems want its government toppled, their eyes on the prize - the world's largest oil reserves they want handed to Big Oil.

On January 10, Maduro was inaugurated for a second six-year term, saying he's committed to continue "fight(ing) for social and economic prosperity and to build 21st century socialism" - despite relentless US political, economic, financial, and propaganda war against the country's social democracy.

Despite the Trump regime's all-out efforts to mobilize international opposition to his legitimate rule, delegations from over 90 countries attended the inaugural ceremonies - including from Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Iran, Turkey, and Ireland's Sinn Fein.

Representatives from US colonized EU nations were absent, a spokeswoman for foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini lied saying "the presidential elections were not free nor fair" - a falsified statement, serving US imperial interests.

Representatives from the African Union, CARICOM, the Arab League, the ALBA Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas, OPEC, and the UN also attended.

In his inaugural address, Maduro said "I tell the people. This presidential sash is yours. This power is yours. It does not belong to the oligarchy or to imperialism. It belongs to the sovereign people of Venezuela."

He denounced the diabolical aims of "the most powerful empire in history," urging dialogue to serve Venezuelan interests, including UN support for "peace, mutual recognition, harmony, (and) coexistence of different political visions," adding:

"I would like to sit down with the opposition, stop the sterile, useless, unnecessary conflict, talk about economic issues; with the experience of the UN we can achieve it."

Trump regime hardliners falsely call genuine democracies dictatorships, how neocon John Bolton reacted to Maduro's inauguration, saying the US "will not recognize" his legitimacy to rule.

The US-controlled Organization of American States (OAS), headquartered in Washington, reacted the same way. Most of its member states support longstanding US plans for regime change.

The US-controlled 13-nation Lima Group issued a statement, refusing to recognize Maduro's legitimacy.

Caracas slammed what it called a "humiliating subordination" to US imperial interests - applying to all nations allied with Washington against Venezuela's social democracy and sovereign independence.

On January 12, State Department deputy spokesman Palladino openly called for regime change, saying "(i)t is time to begin the orderly transition to a new government."

Previous US orchestrated coup attempts failed - against Hugo Chavez and Maduro. Will the Trump regime try again in the new year?

If unable to succeed by coup d'etat, will an attempt be made to assassinate Maduro? If economic, financial, political, and other tactics fail, will military intervention be the Trump regime's fallback option? 

Will Iran be targeted the same way in the new year? Imperialism isn't pretty. 

Endless US belligerence and state-sponsored terrorism is virtually certain ahead, the way hardliners in Washington always operate - hostile to peace, stability, equity and justice at home and abroad.

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Author`s name Stephen Lendman