The European Union Is Being Cowardly

This is an indisputable fact: Turkey strives to join the European Union. Turkey started working on it about 30 years ago. however, the country has not yet become even a candidacy in the line of those to join the European Union.

The Turkish government has recently activated the efforts that could allow to achieve the desired goal. The parliament of the country approved several laws, which made the Turkish laws closer to the European ones. It stands the reason that the EU only welcomed that. But it was only a welcome, nothing more. Yet, Turkey makes steps, which touch upon its national pride. For example, Turkey changed the sentence to  Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. He will not be executed, but will serve a lifetime imprisonment now.

Europe was very happy to know that. However, Europe did not open its arms to Turkey. Reuters informed, the European Committee refused to recommend the European Union the certain date  to start negotiations concerning Turkey’s incorporation in this organization. Reuters did  not specify, why such a decision was made. But there is one thing clear, though.  Here is what the French newspaper Le Figaro wrote in August of the current year.

It was hard for that newspaper to imagine Turkey as a member of the European Union. It was explained with numerous reasons, like for example, the church and the state do not go together in Turkey, the majority of the country’s population is Muslims, the country is basically located in Asia,  it is a member of NATO, and also a member of the Organization Islamic Conference. Le Figaro doubted, if the European Union could get such problem countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq)  as  its members.

This is the explanation, basically. Europeans are being politically correct, they do not need countries that might become sources of problems. What if Muslim radicals come to power in Turkey?  It happened several times before, so why not again? The Turkish army stopped all of those attempts, but it was normal from the point of view of Turkey, not Europe. It is hard to imagine European countries using coups for settling their political issues.

In other words, the European Union does not want to be responsible for that. Taking into consideration the fact that there are economic and social problems  in Turkey, in addition to political ones. Needless to mention that no one in Europe wants to deal with them.

Turkey believes that it is a European country. However, this is definitely not enough  for joining the European Union. Turkey will have to solve its problems all alone – the European Union is meant to remain Ankara’s dream.

Vasily Bubnov

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Author`s name Olga Savka
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