Russia can destroy NATO in Baltic region in 36 hours - forecast

The BBC is launching a new reality show devoted to the scenario of WWIII. The authors of the project say that the show is based on real events, although the plot has little in common with reality, at least for the time being.

In the show, Russian troops "invade" Latvia as a reason to start a nuclear war. Latvia's NATO allies - the UK and the USA - take efforts to protect the country. They discuss various options for showing resistance to Russia, including the nuclear one. As a result, the conflict evolves into a global and destructive war.

The critics of the project say that it was initiated to maintain the fear of "Russian aggression."

The modern world is close to the global cataclysm as never before, researchers at "The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" believe. The association was founded in 1945 at the University of Chicago to estimate the probability of potential threats to the world.

Noteworthy, analysts from US-based Rand Corp. presented two reports about the possibility of a nuclear war between NATO and Russia. The researchers took account of indicators of military simulations and efficiency of military drills of both sides.

The researchers concluded that the shortest time, during which Russia could reach Estonia to subsequently fight NATO back was equal to 36 hours.

If the alliance is "luckier," the Russian armed forces will reach the Baltic States in 60 hours. The experts suggest that Russia will strike from the Western Military District that borders on the Baltic States to win time before the NATO's response. As many as 22 Russian battalions could be involved in the operation in the above-mentioned military district. NATO has only 12 battalions in the Baltic region, and seven of them are inferior to Russia from the point of view of their tactical and strategic mobility.

NATO does not have a tank force in the region. This is another aspect that makes NATO's confrontation with Russia difficult. There are tanks in all units of the Russian army, the report said.

The forces of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Baltic Region are also inferior to Russian artillery and maneuverability.

However, Russia should pay attention to NATO's aviation, as NATO has been increasing the presence of its aviation in Europe. At the same time, the alliance will also need to conduct a highly efficient ground operation, Business Insider said.

Noteworthy, Russian Ambassador to Latvia, Alexander Veshnyakov, commented on the reports about the new BBC reality show.

"This is an absolutely contrived scenario that pursues political goals:  to engage in an information war to demonize Russia, to justify requests from the military and political lobby to increase NATO's defense spending in Europe and to discredit all political forces in Latvia, in Europe, that do not share a biased attitude to Russia," the diplomat wrote on his Facebook page.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov