International Criminal Farce - 2 October, 2002

Foreign ministers of the European Union agreed with the requirement from the USA regarding the fact that American citizens could not get on trial at the UN International Tribunal. Pursuant to the decision, which was made in Brussels on the initiative from Spain, Great Britain and Italy, American military men and American officials could not be arrested in the countries of the European Union and then delivered to the International Tribunal on the ground of war crime charges. Yet, there is a condition that stipulates that the USA will put its citizens on trial in American courts.

The USA approved the establishment of the International Tribunal, during the period of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Now, when George Bush came to power, the position of the country changed a lot. The USA, as well as Israel and several Arab countries, refuse to ratify the convention pertaining to the establishment of the International criminal court.

Over 80 countries have already signed the document. The US State Department strives for achieving the agreement on bilateral relations with foreign states, pursuant to which American citizens will not be delivered to the UN International Tribunal on war crime, genocide, violation of human rights and other charges.

Americans repeatedly expressed their concern over the fact that the duties of American peacemakers or military men abroad might make them the hostages of political intrigues of America’s evil-wishers. Needless to mention, that America has a lot of them.

The very special country, the USA, wants to have a certain kind of special attitude to itself. This is not just a rumor, or a hear say piece, it is an official statement from the US. The statement on this peculiarity of the United States of America has been recently released by the US national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice.

Washington could definitely annoy the UN with its refusal to ratify the convention on the institution of the International criminal court. That is why, America decided to talk to each country tete-a-tete. Americans have already signed those documents with 12 countries.

Dmitry Litvinovich

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Author`s name Olga Savka