Saddam’s Mass Destruction Weapon Originates From the USA

Yesterday Washington’s propaganda machine struck just another blow against Saddam Hussein. The CIA informs that Saddam has allegedly ordered to use chemical and biological weapons if Americans decide to attack. Unlike during the Gulf War in 1991, this time the Iraqi leader understands that he personally is doomed and has nothing to lose. It’s impossible neither to come to an agreement with Saddam, nor bring him to reason. That is why, the Pentagon is going to embroil Hussein with his war commanders.

The mentioned above facts are like honey to Anthony Blair’s soul. We remember that Britain’s prime minister presented a dossier against the Iraqi leader last week and persuaded the parliament to approve Britain’s participation in the war in Iraq. However, Blair’s ardent speech didn’t inspire parliamentarians, the same way Bush’s speech in the UNO didn’t as well. End of the previous week turned out rather frustrating for advocates of a new war, as a hail of anti-war protests swept down on the world. Thousands of people in Europe and the USA with No War In Iraq! posters went into the streets.

But the propaganda weapon is universal, it can quickly turn everything that used to be against you for your good. It is more important to spread doubts among the people  and make them believe that Saddam really has weapons of mass destruction.

Let’s go back to the weapon itself. Iraq had started developing bacteriological weapons program, with which the US president is fighting so actively, with USA’s direct support about twenty years ago. This is proved by official documents of the US Government, which have been recently taken up once again against the background of more discussions about Baghdad’s mass destruction weapons, Associated Press informs. The official records made in the 1980s reveal that the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sent specimens of biological material to several Iraqi objects, which the UNO later called parts of Hussein’s program for bacteriological weapon development.

Official reports made at the beginning of the 1990s say that Iraq got bacteriological material from the USA under the pretext of further use in medical  researches. CDC and US depository where biological cultures were stored produced bacteria which were further used for development of bacteriological weapon in Iraq. Those were anthrax cultures, bacteria producing botulism toxins and causing gas gangrene. Iraq also got specimens of other pathogenic microbes, for instance, bacteria causing  West Nile fever.

Dmitry Litvinovich

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Author`s name Michael Simpson