The insane malady afflicting American 'democracy'

Contestant: "I will take 'Never Ending Story' for a $1,000, please, Alex." Trebek: "Since time immemorial, every politician and the U.S. mainstream media as well 24/7, 365 days each year have been obsessed with this event that occurs, every four years." Contestant: "Who will be the next present twit of the United Snakes of America?"

Trebek: "You are correct. Again!" ALARM! ALARM! ALARM! Trebek: "That sound means the 'Daily double'! For $2,000; He called himself the 'great Decider'. He is also known for casting the Constitution aside, ruling instead by the powers vested in his Office, known as 'Executive Order'."

Contestant: "Who is Barrack Hussein Obama?"

Trebek: "I'm sooooo sorry. Who..." All of a sudden, Trebek's legs start to shake, uncontrollably. The huge bulge in his tight pants starts to vibrate violently. Trebek stops; reaches down; he answers his i-phone1.

Trebek: "After review from the Judge at the top; I mean, straight from the very top; you are correct. Yet, again!"

Contestant: "'I Wear Mom Jeans' for a $1,000, please, Alex."

Trebek: "Instead of All-American Wranglers, this famous person much prefers these; claims the women's brand has extra space; in all the right places; comfort allows one to speak the truth."

Contestant: "Who is Brian Williams?" Satire aside, the American political machine takes up too much, if not all the time on the air waves. To wit, Americans' obsession with their own narcissism is unhealthy: that may well explain why America doesn't 'get' or care much for what's really happening in the wider, real world. Moreover, when they do get involved with their foreign policy, through successive versions of the present twit (save John Kennedy) death and destruction follow; usually, the dying done from incessant warfare is reserved exclusively for foreigners; whose only 'crime' is they dared oppose the U.S. tyrant's other unhealthy obsession: world domination by hegemony. Death hits home too. Witness Libya 2012. If then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had paid attention to what went on the grounds in the U.S. embassy at Benghazi, probably Ambassador Stevens and 'four' others would still be alive today. But Nnooo. The present twit hopeful was too busy celebrating. And she sure was preoccupied; Hillary then was a cheerleader for the current occupant in the White House. Her incessant chants were heard round the world: 4 More Years! 4 More Years! Now she lies about her role; cover-up is necessary as she jockeys to secure her 'lead'. Today there's Ukraine ...



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey