Fighting Evil

I tried to put aside journalistic aspirations and get back to my book I've been penning. However, my sense of ethics and morals urged me back to journalism, so I am picking up where I left off ­­- to stand firmly with Russia and the self-defense warriors of Novorossiya.   

Everyone was shocked by the intensified shelling recently, especially those that held under control of the Ukrainian Army cities, such as Mariupol. How many of you know the truth about the identity of those that were shelling the residences, schools and buses?

The propaganda machine, along with President Poroshenko, blames nine thousand Russian soldiers who are fighting against the Ukrainian army and occupying their territory! In fact, more and more of the newly mobilized Ukrainian citizens seek cover in Russia! Isn't this a strange paradox?

Carl Bildt, the Swedish diplomat, who is a member of NGO and Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Linas Linkevicious are parroting Poroshenkos' claims even after the news broke that the claims were blatant lies! The Ukrainian army systematically aimed their heavy weaponry at helpless people, killing dozens with mortal explosions of cluster bombs.  As always, Poroshenko put the blame on the Russian Army and separatists!

Today the Kiev lads brazenly killed a large group of elderly people who stood in a long line to obtain humanitarian help. This place where the elders were waiting operates every Friday to distribute weekly food to the most needy citizens. This barbarism must end! The self-defense soldiers don't shoot at their own people - they give them humanitarian provisions and help to restore partially the broken infrastructure! People in Donbas have no water, no energy. When you look on the ruins, the Stalingrad siege comes to mind! 

Attention now, here is the hottest news of the week: Ukraine's military Chief of Staff, Victor Muzhenko, and his deputy, Hennadiy Vorobyov (who was recently dumped in the trashcan, but reinstated hurriedly by Poroshenko), openly admitted in the presence of NATO members, that there WERE no Russian army fighters on Ukrainian land! Got it? Here is the proof of their claim:

Let's hope this link would not be closed by the time I finish this article.

Ukraine's local media accidently videotaped the record of a mysterious English speaking man, trying to elude the camera while saying: "Off my face? " Or was it  "Outta my face"! But who cares? The question is - who was he? Some assumed he was an American mercenary? No, he was not! Here, meet the Brit, who loves Ukraine more than his own country. This first link is the only clue of his existence!

But the second one discloses his real name. Please do not fall for his charity work! He was paid every time he took on a new mission! His best friends on his social media are Swedish Nazis who joined him to be a part of The Ukrainian National Guards and the most brutal ones! Who pays them - NATO aka the U.S. taxpayers? Cameron is cheap, we all know that, but his pigs' squeals are not!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Leon Swampy aka Chris "Swampy" Garrett!  

... and here:

So, what Cameron and Obama will announce to the world now after shamelessly denying NATO's involvement in Ukraine?"

Will they send apologies to Putin? I reported earlier about a few U.S. high ranking generals lost their lives in Donbas in August. Obama bullied the media to keep the story out of the news to avoid a sensational big scandal that could have cost his presidency! It's still a top secret for many Americans, but not for Novorussiyans, they found the generals dead!

The cynical sanctions were added to Russia right after the new information surfaced on the open source platform about a few dead NATO bodies rotting in the Donetsk airport.  Putin has all rights to demand all sanctions against Russians must be dropped and the U.S. must get real!

Who wants to destroy Ukraine?

Putin was the most generous to his brotherly neighbor, giving shelter to everyone running away from the bombs in Ukraine - even the newly mobilized youth who are hiding in Romania and Russia fearing deployment! Putin prolonged them visa from 30 days to a few months.

Poland didn't accept refugees from Ukraine, neither did Kiev!

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers were treated next to a room with the maimed civilians, including children they earlier shelled at! A one-year-old wounded orphan, who lost both parents to single attack, shared the same walls with the executioners of her parents.

Compare this to the other side. The wounded Novorossiyan fighters were badly beaten, tortured and left to die. Not many survived to tell about the torture which was out of the Nazi's book!

Against all odds, there is a man who can testify that cruel Nazi entrepreneurs carved his kidney out and left him to die on the road! He was saved by merciful strangers who picked him up and drove him to a nearby hospital!

Now he wants to hunt down his tormentors and pay them back for his sufferings! He claims he will find them dead or alive!

I found a breathtaking parallel in these two political power mares, Madeleine Albright and Angela Merkel!

Albright gave an order to bomb the Serbian cities; one of them was her childhood shelter where neighbors kept her hidden from Nazis during the WWII.  Apparently Albright didn't know she was Jewish, guarded by her Serbian saviors!

In Merkel's case, Angela grew up up in the Eastern block of Germany and studied Political Science in Donbas, according to a retired legendary Russian intelligence, Yuri Drozdov! Surprised? Why on earth would both Albright and Merkel enjoy seeing their childhood cities going in flames that saved Albright's life and another that gave Merkel education?

Is there any logic to this? Let's leave it to psychology to decide!

Another matter that is despicable - not to mention at the ceremony that Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army! First Polish officials cynically didn't invite Putin, and then they blamed him for not attending the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz! Poroshenko was a revered guest, even though the Ukrainian Bandera groups supervised in murdering Jews, Poles, gypsies and homosexuals. Their corpses were burning 24 hours a day!

Ironically, the Ukraine's army is travelling with a mobile oven, in case of mass losses! They disperse their soldiers to avoid paying relatives the promised subsidies and benefits to the surviving families. The new Government is broke and cannot afford making payments to their miners who are still working in Kiev and demanding their hard-earned salary for months!

Why can't this civil war nightmare be ended at once? Here is my prediction: Poroshenko will fall prey to his cabinet! Look at his bulging eyes! I can see fear in his face! He wanted the money so bad, but he can't chew it! My stakes are on an independent Novorossiya!

Victoria F. Lee

January 30, 2015



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey