9-11, US global domination, NATO and full spectrum dominance


By John Robles


In order to fully understand, or even to simply begin to attain a limited understanding of, the events that are taking place in the world today, one must dig back to the days before the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, although that may not be far enough, especially when one begins to uncover the ties between the CIA and the Bush family.

To understand that relationship one must dig even further back to the cooperation between Prescott Bush and the Nazis and yet one may find that even that is not enough. Eventually through continual digging going back through the pages of history we might end up with the genocide of the indigenous people of North and South America, the Catholic Church's Doctrine of Discovery, which facilitated the genocide of up to 400 million indigenous people in the Americas, and even then we would just be starting to understand the big picture.

Why are these past events important today? Because many of the events taking place today are the direct results of those seemingly unrelated events. The Doctrine of Discovery is still an active document and has never been rescinded and gives the United States, Canada and other North and South American countries their only true basis for legitimacy. The genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas continues to this day and it was their genocide that lay the very foundation of the United States of America. The genocide was so complete that in modern times much of the world counts the current generation of squatters in the Americas as the true owners of the land. How then can the country be called legitimate and "democratic"?

The genocide of the American Indians was an inspiration for Adolph Hitler, if not a model, and that dominance over one race and one people over another led, albeit not directly connected per se, to the Pax Americana, the delusional "American" belief in their own exceptionalism, the ghettoized American racist state where one minority ruthlessly controls another and finally organizations and bodies such as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which laid out plans to achieve complete US global hegemony in the current century with the aid of an event such as 9-11 to serve as a catalyst for endless aggressive wars of domination.   

Since the mass casualty event of September 11th 2001, according to former general Wesley Clark, the United States and NATO have been engaged in a campaign of actively destroying countries with the final goals being military confrontations with the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China and their eliminations as influential world powers as laid out by Zbignew Brzezinski.

The US goal of complete global dominance is clear and the attainment of that goal through force has also been made transparent and was clearly laid out by the PNAC. When we understand that the events in the Middle East, in Africa and elsewhere are all part of a larger strategy then things begin to make sense. If we understand that the Pentagon's global arm NATO has been tasked with surrounding Russia militarily and placing its military infrastructure directly on Russia's borders, then the apparent insanity of what is happening un Ukraine begins to make perfect sense.

Adding the recent growth and developments of organizations such as the Russian led Customs Union, ALBA, UNASUR, MERCOSUR, the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the devastated US economy on the verge of complete collapse and waning US influence worldwide, it is clear why the US is growing desperate.  

The need for NATO to continue to terrorize the world into believing it is under constant threat is also clearly needed in order to justify its own continued existence, its global expansion and the continued robbing of member countries of 8% of their GDPs annually. Thus NATO and the West continue to demonize Russia and paint Russia as some kind of a threat when Russia has literally done nothing but attempt to do business on an equal basis, mediate peaceful conflict resolution and even provide humanitarian aid globally and to NATO countries.       

After the successful illegal invasion and breakup of Yugoslavia those in power knew they were untouchable and 9-11 cemented that belief as the events of 9-11 were used to launch multiple illegal wars of aggression and an excuse for the US to behave with complete impunity worldwide. NATO also used 9-11 to expand globally.

Why did I mention the JFK assassination at the beginning? Because, I believe, when we understand that that John Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA and the military industrial complex for his refusal to "play ball" with projects such as Operation Northwoods and that the Bush family played an important role in the CIA at the time and continues to do so today, things become much clearer as to who we are dealing with.

Operation Northwoods was a plot where passenger jets would be used in a false flag mass casualty event to serve as a pretext for the invasion of Cuba. 9-11 was also a mass casualty event that saw passenger planes used as a pretext for the invasions of multiple countries.

When we take into account that US geopolitical and military strategists are not very creative and constantly repeat their "tried and true" methods, then one must ask some serious questions about Malaysian Flight MH-17 and the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH-370.

The US doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance, which emerged recently, envisages unchallenged control and complete and total military and other dominance of land, air, space, surface, sub-surface, the electromagnetic spectrum and the information space (cyberspace) by the US. To achieve such is unrealistic and the biggest challengers to such dominance are Russia and China.  

This Russia has been targeted, something made crystal clear by the unprecedented anti-Russian war propaganda that has existed in the western media at a ridiculously heightened level since the December coup in Kiev.   

Ukraine and the Twisted Narrative

Since the first day protestors appeared on Maidan Square in Kiev, US/CIA/EU/NATO meddling in the events taking shape was clear for anyone with a critical mind and anyone who sought the truth. From the years of training of the Right Sector to the civil society manipulations of USAID, the (Pierre) Omidyar Network, George Soros' International Renaissance Foundation and the US Congress' National Endowment for Democracy it was clear from the start who was behind the unrest.

With the appearance of US officials such as Victoria Nuland on the Maidan and visits by octogenarian John McCain as well as released phone conversations between Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt as they chose the line-up of the post-coup junta government further doubt as to who was responsible were removed. But through a massive propaganda campaign and the manipulation of the media somehow all of that has been obfuscated, buried and hidden and everything has been turned around and Russia has been made the culprit.

What is amazing is that not only Russia and its leader President Vladimir Putin have been made to blame for the US orchestrated destabilization of Ukraine, but the entire West has gotten away with placing sanctions on Russia and further reaping economic windfalls at Russia's expense. What is also amazing is that everything the US has done, either through its proxies, advisors like the RAND Corporation or directly, in waging a punitive war against the people of eastern Ukraine for the fabricated reason that they spoke Russian, has been turned around and blamed on Russia.

Russia Forced to "Legitimize" the Junta

While attempting to negotiate with those running the country in Ukraine and because there is no one else to negotiate with, Russia has been forced to grant a tinge of legitimacy to those who came to power as a result of an armed coup or a sham election, further emboldening the West and unfortunately adding to the spiral of illegality and manipulation by the US/CIA/NATO/EU in Ukraine.

Even the downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17 has somehow been blamed on Russia. This is despite the fact that no investigation has been completed, all of the irrefutable evidence that Russia has presented points to the Ukrainian forces and the US' long history of orchestrating Operation Northwoods type events has long been known.

Media Operations

No matter what Russia does it is evil, this is because the West must maintain the narrative at any cost. As with the post 9-11 environment the US has successfully eliminated almost every voice that spoke out against it. Like Pierre Omidyar buying out control of the Snowden files, to the outright killing of journalists exposing the truth in Ukraine, the US has shown it will stop at nothing to manipulate the narrative. For the average American things like re-branding the US backed Al-Qaeda off-shoot the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant into simply Islamic State (IS) or Blackwater into Greystone may work, but for anyone with their eye on the ball the attempt at obfuscation is obvious.

One thing is clear the US/CIA/EU/NATO are bent on continuing their war propaganda against Russia at any cost and this is because they must maintain a narrative to justify events that are yet to take place or have already been planned by geopolitical architects such as Zbignew Brzezinski.   

US/NATO Will Attack Russia from the 9th to the 26th of September

If the unprecedented war propaganda by the West against Russia is any indication as well as open source intelligence and how the West has operated in the past, then one might reach the conclusion that there is a high probability that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States of America will begin a war against the Russian Federation between September 9th and September 26th 2014. 

First of all during the period of September 15-26 NATO will be conducting operation Rapid Trident in Ukraine with at least 200 Americans and 1,100 military personnel from other countries including: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and the United States.

Holding such an exercise is completely destabilizing and provocative in a country where there is a fratricidal war taking place. The tragic scenarios likely from such an event being held in such an environment are astronomical in number, a fact surely known to NATO.  

The most likely pretext for a war against Russia will be a CIA/NATO orchestrated false flag mass casualty event. The most likely and obvious event window being between Tuesday September 9th and Thursday September 11th. This will allow for the launch of operations or a declaration of war to be carried out on the psychologically important date of September 11.

One possible scenario for a CIA/NATO false flag event before the beginning of operation Rapid Trident would target the President of Ukraine and the Verhovnaya Rada, thus eliminating most of the key CIA players in Ukraine and those with direct knowledge of the CIA subversion and destruction of the country.

Such an attack would clean up any loose ends the CIA may have in Kiev and serve to terrorize into silence anyone else with knowledge of the orchestration of the December coup, the overthrowing of the government, the selling off of Ukraine's strategic assets, the training and funding of nazi [sic] elements and all of the mechanisms used to subvert and manipulate civil society. That is scenario one.

Scenario two might also be carried out between September 9 and 10 and may be more probable because this scenario will allow the US/NATO to use nuclear weapons against Russia, which is something they will need to conquer the Russian Federation quickly and completely, not taking into account the Russian response and assuming such a retaliatory strike will destroy those countries from where the missiles are launched and not the US mainland.

Scenario two will be a mass casualty false flag event using a small nuclear weapon and might take place at an event with a high concentration of civilians in the west of Ukraine. This might be the case if the Kiev junta is still needed by the CIA/NATO.

I would put forward that at this point Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Yarosh and the rest of the junta have already served their purposes and it will be risky and expensive for the CIA/NATO to continue to sponsor them and keep them from talking until they reach old age. Therefore if they have been targeted for termination, as would logically be the case, the nuclear event may take place in Kiev itself and will involve hundreds of thousands if not millions of casualties.

The complete destruction of Kiev would also be an important psychological victory for the US/NATO as would the destruction of Moscow which would signify their final victory. Destroying Kiev would serve as the penultimate victory in US/NATO plans for the subjugation and control, if not the destruction, of the Slavic people as well as obtaining all of the territories and wealth of the Russian Federation.  

 Scenario three involves a mass casualty event during the Rapid Trident exercises and would see high casualties among NATO personnel from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and the United States. This would allow NATO to call into effect Article 5 of the NATO Charter and launch a war against Russia with the full support of all NATO members.

This mass casualty event involving NATO troops may also involve a small nuclear weapon and will most likely entail the death of most of the NATO troops involved in the operation as well as hundreds if not thousands of Ukrainian nationals from western Ukraine.      

All scenarios will be blamed on President Putin and the Russian Federation and will serve as a pretext for a massive nuclear and air attack on Russia. NATO will never start a ground war or a conventional war against Russia because that will cost too many lives and would most likely fail.

Again these are possible scenarios and by publishing them I am hoping to prevent what has become obvious as the US drive for war with Russia.

Reason to Worry

I remind you dear reader you are dealing with the same people who killed almost 3,000 people on 9-11. You are dealing with the same people who downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 as a failed pretext for war and you are dealing with the same people who brought nazis to power in Europe in a proxy war against Russia.

These people have destroyed country after country since 9-11. They have funded, trained and armed secret armies of Islamists, such as the ISIL-ISIS-IS and the Right Sector and Ukrainian nationalists. They are the same snakes who have infiltrated and subverted the Russian media and obfuscate their real intentions and confuse the world with constant lies, false propaganda and complete media control.

These "architects" have unleashed nazis in Europe in 2014, continue to subvert Russia and surround it with weapons and perpetually rebrand and redefine themselves as well as eliminating anyone who gets in their way.

Just as they have transferred the blame for Ukraine on Russia, rebranded Blackwater into XE, Academy and Greystone, Al-Qaeda into ISIL, ISIS and now IS and successfully subverted, eliminated and silenced almost every journalist or media outlet that risked exposing them, they will transfer the blame for everything they do in the coming months on Russia. Because Russia is the target and Russia must be destroyed. Next is China, but that will be easy once Russia is taken care of.

Hopefully we can stop them and I am wrong but unfortunately I am not optimistic.

John Anthony Robles II

John is a radio newscaster for Radio VR and a chief editor for the Rossiya Sevodnya International News Agency and was a former columnist and interviewer for the liquidated Voice of Russia, the predecessor of Radio VR. He lives in Moscow Russia. He runs a website at www.jar2.com.   

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