How Obama is leading European captives to abyss


Arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam.


Judges, 5, 12


By Nicolas Bonnal

Obama is waging a war against the whites and he is rapidly replacing the population of his own country, according to congressman Mo Brooks. Now he pretends too to replace the people of Europe, preparing a global war against Russia.

Nobody will assert that Bush was a great president or a peaceful politician; but at least he was not a Nobel Prize winner; at least he was not popular, except among neoconservative agitators. Considered a little American Hitler by many, Bush awoke anti-American feelings around the world - and they're always good to preserve democracy from agencies and multinationals. Bush's presidency was a mess and it finished with huge deficits and deindustrialization - even Wall Street disaster - in his own country; allowing infamous Goldman Sachs bankers (Paulson came the first, then Draghi, Monti, Sutherland, Macron...) to take the control of all western colonies.

So let us estimate the positive side of the experience. President Bush the second (we may soon have a Clinton the Second) was at least despised and rejected everywhere: there were hundreds of thousands in the streets of Spain and elsewhere to refuse even vainly his criminal invasion and conquest of Iraq, or his destruction of unlucky Afghanistan - not to mention the mess in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.

There still was some anti-Americanism, which is the only democratic factor limiting the absolute power of the empire, whose military nuisance is present in more than 150 countries since a century or more. In order to understand that empire, just study, for example, the way General Pershing massacred and tortured thousands of Moslem rebels, person, terrorists, in the Philippines.

But these were the good old times: then Obama came, the great hope, the tall guy, who was charged to cool down, fume and disarm everybody, including the so-called anti-American mobs. And the anti-American mobs grew faint and submitted everywhere to the implacable New World Order. And while he was sending drones to bomb afghan villages he was bluntly granted a Nobel Prize - preceding the EU crowned for having destroyed Libya and half Mediterranean. And our elites submitted to his media-proclaimed charm and agenda. And nobody could resist Barack.

America the real 'rogue state' was then granted the right to do anything.

And it did anything.

It is now waging a war against Russia and preparing the destruction (I mean biological annihilation) of Europe with the consent of ruthless NATO agents, anesthetised opinions and dement eastern politicians engendered by Rumsfeld's new Europe. And the same Lithuanian political class, who has ruined her country, wants euthanasia at home and the end of Europe abroad.

I considered Obama since the beginning with circumspection (a voice of stentor uttering void and trivial messages). But this time I start to think of him with fear. For this guy looks now like a disaster for his country, Europe and maybe the world. Chosen by the American agencies, the oligarchs of Wall Street and other invisible and irresponsible wizards, Obama basically is threatening what is left of peace and freedom in the Mediterranean area, in Europe and East Asia. He has reactivated the cold war with Russia with a tremendous bad faith. He arrogantly addresses Chinese. Yet this cold war maybe hotter than the other, according to French editor Serge Halimi, for Obama has forged with his assistants a deep hatred of Vladimir Putin - and for there is no countervailing power anymore. There is just an aggressive clown and pushy néocons. The submission of Europe is total (at least "old Europe" did not obey with Chirac and Schroeder Bush and Rumsfeld) and our leaders are gladly rushing to their common destruction, whether economic or demographic, in order to obey the barking master. The worse of all will be the coward Merkel, a good chancellor, but not a German one, while François Hollande, a bad president but a French one, sometimes has a spark of lucidity; as for England, being America's poodle since a century...

With Obama we have entered the dark ages of democracy, times of zombie diplomacy and fictitious economics, times too of cultural voodoo (just watch one night of Disney Channel or MTV). Once resilient during Bush presidency, Hollywood has been turned into a propaganda machine and a war agency.

The Nobel Prize gave the empire the benediction it hoped to act madly anywhere.

Maybe TS Eliot was wrong after all; maybe this western or modern or democratic or whatsoever world will not end in a whimper, but in a bang. For the elite it will be less bore. Thanks to NATO anyway, an organization that is protecting us like the Nazi army protected us against communist Russia, and thanks to our enchanting Nobel Prize of Peace.

Nicolas Bonnal

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov