National Front of France and Putin

Aymeric Chauprade (National Front):  One of the real divisions of the contemporary world is now made ​​between Pro-Putin and Anti-Putin.

The National Front in France is the rising alternative force aimed to resist imposed European austerity and integration and NATO-run lunatic diplomacy. More Frenchmen are also sensitized by the sound of boots and Russophobia that grows here following  American commandments. And the same ones who have supported the war effort by Islamist terrorists also promote the last war against Russia in Europe.

The bellicose, bourgeois and Pan-American newspaper Le Figaro denounced last August 16 a collusion between the National Front, the European Rights in general and Vladimir Putin.

Aymeric Chauprade, scholar and counselor of Marine Le Pen in international issues, has agreed to state his preferences in diplomatic matters.

Mr. Chauprade, what can you tell about the fall of the MH-17 flight for which everyone here has accused Russia without any evidence?

François Hollande has threatened Russia not to deliver the second Mistral. Further proof if any were needed that the drama of the flight MH-17 in Ukraine does not benefit Russia but the governments of Kiev and Washington. It happens exactly what I announced the day after the tragedy of 17 July. All pro-American forces are unleashed against the Franco-Russian contract and the prospect of delivery of Mistral, as they are unleashed against the South Stream gas contract. This crazy surge, I could see myself in the European Parliament, where the anti-Russian activists (mostly German and French Greens) are struggling without proof on Russia and seek resolutions condemning the sale of ships.

Minister Laurent Fabius repeats it may not deliver the Mistral to Russia "if Russia does not change policy." What is your comment?

This decision would be disastrous in many ways. For the contract itself of course, which weighs 1.2 billion euros and which conditions a thousand jobs in Saint-Nazaire. It would return the money already paid (half), refer the stern of the ship (built in Russia) and pay substantial damages. Also the France would lose its rights in terms of the Mistral, already given to Russia, which could then build itself. Such a decision will also close the door on any future contracts with Russia and especially its huge naval rearmament program (civil and military), estimated at more than $ 50 billion. Our competitors are just waiting for that! In this area as in others, France must regain its independence, defend its strategic interests, thinking in geopolitical terms, in the long term and not based on emotions raised by the news.

The fall of the airplane has still not been explained. How do you explain the burst of russophobia against president Putin?

So, how Russia let herself accused of this horrible tragedy MH-17 while evidently the Ukrainian-American camp had a real interest in this shoot camera? Of course the Russians deny it, but their arguments are hardly audible because of American ubiquitous superiority in information war (that is to say, misinformation). While the United States State Department accuses Moscow without the ability to produce any serious evidence, Western diplomats, as powerless as they are blind, fall both feet into the trap set by Washington. Sad submission of Europe and its leaders who, once again, betrayed by accepting the agenda of warmongers! The world moves inexorably toward a third world war if European governments do not quickly regain their discernment.

How do you consider Vladimir Putin in terms of European and even global history?

Vladimir Putin has allowed the emergence of a multipolar world. Instead, on September 11 gave the pretext for the Americans to strengthen their unipolar commitment invading several countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ...). It is thanks to the economic recovery, political, geopolitical a Russia led by Vladimir Putin that the proposed American domination, which accelerated after the fall of the Soviet Union, has been halted. Unfortunately this project is still at work today in Ukraine, the sole purpose of digging the gap between the EU and Russia and to establish the rule of the oligarchy of the Empire on our Europe.

But Putin has a second record: it is now contribute to the recovery of traditional and spiritual values ​​of Christian civilization in Europe. Russia has become, for the patriots committed to the values ​​of Christian civilization, a hope in all the nations of Europe. Faced with French identity challenge the foreign policy choices will prove decisive. The alliance with Russia, the only major European power to openly and firmly take its Christian civilization should be a given for any patriot.

The BRICS are delivering a crushing blow to the Anglo-American condominium and the dollar that took advantage of the world wars. China is increasingly scratched by Obama, but why president Putin is suffering the shock of the confrontation?

One of the real divisions of the contemporary world is now made ​​between Pro-and Anti-Putin Putin. I am one of the first, not fascination or disposition to a country that is not mine, but because the project the best in the interests of France's alliance with Russia. This is a great man and I am confident that it will remain as such in the history of Russia. Beside him, Western leaders, often subject to the United States, appear to be ephemeral dwarfs in the history of their country. "


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov