Ferguson, American racism and the global fascist state

By Nicolas Bonnal

Ferguson riots were predictable. Mr Martel, a young French businessman recently wrote an interesting chronicle about the submitted and inferior conditions of the blacks in America. He was soon forgotten, the media preferring to incense the grandeur of the Prize Nobel of the peace, the one who is bombing Iraq and preparing the Third World War. Since the election of Obama, there was no race problem in American no poverty, no police brutality, no social problems, nothing. Everything was solved.

Everything is OK but not everybody.

These riots gently remind us that the black race has never been happy or well-treated in America, despite the hypocrisy, the perennial and ubiquitous hypocrisy of American Tartuffe.

French observer Tocqueville wrote already in 1834:

The blacks constitute a scanty remnant, a poor tribe of vagrants, which is lost in the midst of an immense people in full possession of the land; and the presence of the blacks is only marked by the injustice and the hardships of which they are the unhappy victims.

It looks like in Ferguson, doesn't? And don't be afraid. America is the first country without a national legend, wrote Gustave de Beaumont, who accompanied Tocqueville in his travels and who was horrified by American racism, greed and materialism. America is the first country on earth to have frozen history, art, creation, civilisation, anything in order to consume dollars and goods; the abolition of slavery would be good to the whites more than to the African slaves, added Tocqueville in provocative tone always ignored by the pseudo-scholars who transmit the message of this great genius to the young generations.

A few years ago, I checked that one million young black males had been killed violently in America in thirty years. In the land of Freakanomics we understood later that the best year to get rid of that turbulent youth was to practice mass abortion (three millions) and also to create a generation of stupid, obese and techno-addicts.

 Yet it did not work, because if you try to chase history by the door, history will be back by the window. And you cannot kill everyone even with the best militarized and brainwashed police in the world, even with a multiracial and polyfacétique bozo (not even African-American and you see the results) at the commands.

The tragic and somewhat comic events (the riots and civil strife never stop in this Promised Land) in America are interesting; for they teach that American social engineers  never learn from their errors. Born multiracial, America is born disastrous, having connected her destiny to the Indian genocide (in Latin America, Chavez, Toledo or Evo Morales were or are in charge) and to the African sweat and slavery.

 The United States have designed with paradox luck, wealth and power the tragic fatality of modern world. Tocqueville linked the Indians to the Aristocrats, a fragile racial jewel born to disappear because unfit to accept the rules and tricks of the Yankee merchant.

And he predicted also the future of unfortunate black race (I know, races don't exist, but give us a break for once!)

The black is free, but he can share neither the rights, nor the pleasures, nor the labour, nor the afflictions, nor the tomb of him whose equal he has been declared to be; and he cannot meet him upon fair terms in life or in death.

The 9/11 facilitated as we know the growing of the fascist state in America and the cruelty of the law turned against the citizens when it had to protect them. The official enemy is the citizen now in America and the socialist and NATO-run Europe is taking the same way, threatening everyone on earth, especially the Russian bear.

But the brutality of police did not start with the 9/11. It would be too easy to pretend such a lie, like the libertarian media are doing these days. The truth is that America as a society has never worked well. America is not Japan, America is not Finland, and America is not Luxemburg. America is not even Singapore, this model of multiracial society (once insulted by the NYT and the western press). America is just an ultra-violent Leviathan, a big monster whose global population has an enormous appetite. Yet this greed is not well recompensed, and the profession of goods and so is mainly reserved to elite of businessmen, banksters and stock exchange agents. Now, according to Michel Snyder the 85 richer Americans are as rich as the 150 millions poorer.  The globalization marked here by joblessness and petty life (a mere 56000 $ of median worth and a mere median wage of 30 000 dollars a year) needs in - order to contain the various communities and their disordered appetites - much more violence that any country on earth. 2.3 millions Americans are jailed, more than the rest of the world, half of them being blacks. Yet Obama threatens Russia, South Africa, China and he boasts to be the world model. We are getting to the dark side of the moon with this world model.

The global order imposes us the multiracial and multicultural society; and with this American example it imposes too the media dictatorship and a perilous and exterminating police. Millions of Americans enjoy watching how the cops shoot the kids and this kind of TV garbage has come to Brazil (watch Brazil urgent) and this is coming nowadays to France or Spain. Last year in France the police had been unexpectedly brutal against the families who opposed gay marriage and adoptions.

It is time to rethink our unconscious submission to the American paradigm.  Thanks to the unlucky black community of Ferguson, Michigan, for having reminded us the actuality of American nightmare and growing fascism.

Nicolas Bonnal

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov