Russia must recognize Luhansk and Donetsk republics

Russia's humanitarian assistance causes satanic resentment among politicians pontificating about human values ​​and rights. The United States directly supports war, violence and massacres, acts of genocide conducted by the Kiev junta, preventing all sorts of assistance to innocent people, children and the elderly. Darya Mitina, a representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of Donetsk spoke about the situation in the Donbass with Pravda.Ru.

"Russia understands the terrible situation, in which civilians of Donbass have found themselves. People all across Russia collect humanitarian help to those people, but do they receive it?"
"It arrives partially due to various reasons, but the bulk of humanitarian aid reaches people despite the fact that the number of roads, on which this aid can be delivered to civilians, has been getting smaller. The Ukrainian troops have not surrounded Donetsk completely, and some roads can be used for entry and exit.  The city is not quite in a state of siege. But a line of vehicles, many kilometers long, has been standing near Donetsk for long. Corridors work at their limit, complications with the delivery of humanitarian assistance grow stronger. A large  stretch of the border - more than 150 kilometers - has been unblocked, but this does not improve the logistics capabilities much.

The situation in Donetsk and Luhansk is, of course, catastrophic. In Luhansk, it is even worse, because the bombing is very intense. Prime Minister of the Republic of Marat Bashirov said that the city needs a few trucks of chlorine, to chlorinate water. The weather is hot, and the water that was used for drinking, is practically unsuitable for consumption. The danger of an epidemic is very high. The Luhansk region, and many other towns have no electricity supplies. The Ukrainian army targets electric power plants and power lines. The Ukrainian army, in general, does not have a very good combat capability, but they can destroy vital infrastructure well. There is no electricity, so fridges do not work, and hospitals can not work either.

"The situation is very close to a humanitarian catastrophe. The governments of Donetsk and Luhansk republics take efforts to fix what the Kiev troops destroy, but this is a very risky endeavor."

"It looks like the Ukrainian army is purposefully trying to destroy Donetsk and Luhansk, like the German fascist army was trying to destroy Leningrad and Stalingrad. Officials of the Kiev junta and their patrons overseas say clearly that one needs to leave people without water, food and everything else."

"Yes. It appears that Ukraine has put up with the loss of the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Of course, Ukraine has no money, effort or resources to rebuild the destroyed businesses, power lines, houses and other objects. Except for the demonstrative hand out of dirty loaves of bread in the towns captured by the Ukrainian army, such as Sloviansk, nothing else is being done. All the "recovery" takes places in messages posted on Facebook and Twitter."

"The Ukrainian army has been shelling "Stirol" for quite a while already. Is it possible to prevent large-scale chemical contamination? Do they defend the company?"

"Stirol" is an extremely dangerous chemical enterprise. An attack on the company may lead to a serious ecological catastrophe. We defend it, of course, but this defense is far from being enough. There is a garrison that defends "Stirol," but it is clear that in case of air raids and shelling such protection will not help. The same applies to other chemical plants. After all, Donbass is not just coal mining. There are many plants of chemical industry there. And if Ukraine is bombing it all with the use of the scorched-out land tactics, exterminating the local population, it means that the junta has already admitted that the region is not their land.

"According to most conservative estimates, 2.5 million people of the 7.5 million-strong population of the region have left. Many towns, such as Shakhtersk and Torez, are in ruins. In Donetsk, no one forces people to stay, unlike on the Ukrainian territory, where people are forcibly recruited into the army, on the streets, in shops, places of recreation - they just grab people there. In Novorossia, they created a full-fledged army in several months, which fights on equal terms with the state military machine.

"The punitive operation clearly shows the Nazi nature of the current Ukrainian authorities. On the territories, that Nazi invaders occupied, they conduct cleansing. They accuse practically all people of cooperation with militia. Many men were taken in an unknown direction. Repression is underway, and people flee to escape to safety.

"Six subjects of the Russian Federation have declared a state of emergency due to the influx of refugees. There are many of them in all European regions of Russia. Now they send refugees to the Ural region and Siberia, authorities develop federal and regional programs to send refugees to the Far East. Since not everyone is willing to go that far, people receive privileges and preferences.

"All this can not solve the problem of genocide and war. In my opinion, it is necessary to provide moral support to the Donbass that struggles vehemently against fascism. Russia should take a politically important decision and announce the recognition of the Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk and the Confederation of Novorossia. This is absolutely not an onerous step for Russia either financially or politically. Yet, it will be a very important political statement and huge moral support.

"Transnistria lives quite well for many years, at least not worse than Moldova, and in many ways better. Although it is not recognized by many states, but it was recognized and supported by Russia. This is the most important aspect. Transnistria has built full-fledged political and economic relations.

"It should be noted that the topic of Russia's guilt of the Boeing crash has disappeared from the media. If there were at least some evidence or if the Western community had come to the unanimous conclusion that Russia was somehow indirectly involved in the crash, they would have continued to scream and shout about it. But the Boeing topic has gone into the background. The results of the investigation have not been published, which means that there is nothing pleasant about it for the West.

"After the Russian President announced counter-sanctions against the West, the situation on the international front did not aggravate further at all. On the contrary, many countries backed away, because they understood it was their mistake. They  realized that confronting would be much more expensive than behaving decently. For some European countries, Russian sanctions became a disaster.

"Therefore, one should act in a more bold way. They want to accuse us of arms shipments and everything else, regardless of our actions. But if we do not do anything in return, they will make up bend over backwards.

"The Russian leadership can really help the emerging state and save its reputation. After all, such an indifferent position of Russia is not good, especially for the president and the entire Russian government, for the political situation in Russia itself. If Novorossia survives the standoff without the Russian support, sooner or later, the Russian government will regret that it did not help. The Russian government, through inaction and indifference, make this nightmare and horror last longer. After all, dozens and hundreds of people get killed every day."

Prepared Yuri Kondratyev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov