Why Is George Bush So Favorably Disposed toward China? - 28 September, 2002

According to the resolution, which was approved by the UN Security Council, all members of the world community are obliged to block the assets of the Uighur nationalist organization East Turkestan and stop rendering any kind of help to it. The USA voted for that resolution, America was also one of those countries, which initiated it (together with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan).

Uighur Muslim separatists let everybody know about themselves several years ago. They performed several acts of terrorism in Beijing and Xinjiang. Yet, reasonable attempts of the Chinese government to suppress that bellicose group were condemned by the USA. America preferred to interpret that struggle as the violation of human rights, or the violation of rights of ethnic minorities. When George Bush was on his visit to Shanghai last year, he was not really enthusiastic about Jiang Zemin’s suggestion to launch the global anti-terrorist war against East Turkestan.

How can such a sudden change of events be explained? The Washington Post cited an anonymous Western diplomat: “"We are concerned that the Americans are doing the Chinese a favor, at the same time the Bush administration is seeking China's support in the Security Council for tougher action against Iraq.” Pursuant to the opinion of this influential American newspaper, Bush’s goal number one was to neutralize Russia and China in the UN Security Council. The Bush’s administration does not want those countries to use the veto right, when it comes to the large scale aggression in the Middle East. That is why Bush is so favorably disposed toward China now, in spite of the fact that it was Bush, who announced China the USA’s major rival in the world.

Andrey Krushinsky

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Author`s name Olga Savka